Top 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Mods

August 21, 2020 at 11:13pm
By Jason Stettner

With the incredible Horizon Zero Dawn having made its way to PC, it’s time to go over some of the best mods that are currently available for the title. This is a collection that will hopefully help improve your experience with the title in a number of different ways.
Whether that is with more fun options, or perhaps practical upgrades on what currently exists. This list is not in a particular ranked order, consider them all possibly worth checking out.

If you enjoy this list, be sure to let us know and if we’ve missed anything great be sure to leave a comment about details on that. Here are the top five Horizon Zero Dawn mods on PC, with a bonus one too.

#5: UHG Reshade

Download Here

This enhances the graphics and improves the colors present. There are seven presets that adjust the look including; Realistic, Pure, Original, Cool, Warm, Vivid and RTGI (you need the Ray Tracing Global Illumination shade by Pascal Gilcher to use). It’s noted that a performance drop is expected depending on the chosen preset.

#4: Remove Forced Hardware Optimization Screen

Download Here

This is a simple, yet helpful offering that removes the forced hardware optimization screen that pops up when up updating to new NVIDIA drivers, or generally loading the game up.

Horizon Zero Dawn Mod

#3: Save File Game Plus

Download Here

A way to enjoy the game without having to beat it multiple times. It provides many unlocked items and a higher tier level to play with. Crafting items are maxed and many tools are now available. Aloy face paints too!

#2: Project Zero Dawn True HDR

Download Here

This is a ReShade with the goal of providing a HDR type of experience. The goal of having more realistic, and dynamic lighting within the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn save file

#1: Natural Clover ReShade

Download Here

This one has a number of benefits in regards to changing the look of the game. This includes reducing foggy spots, increased brightness and a boost to certain colors. There’s a more natural look within the hue and different nights that are more realistic.

#Bonus: Fix UltraWide Cutscenes

Download Here

This is a fix for getting ultra wide support for the cutscenes. That includes 32:9 resolutions as optional. I hope that helps.
Horizon Zero Dawn HDR
Hopefully you found this to be an interesting selection of Horizon Zero Dawn mods for PC. I may do additional lists as other options are made for the game. It’s exciting to see this exclusive arrive on the platform and provide additional ways to alter the incredible experience that exists from the original offering.

I do hope we get to see more distinct offerings as time goes on, but there may very well be limitations in that regard. Whatever the case, be sure to read our review of the game below or check out the game’s hub for further coverage of the title and overall franchise.

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