Top 5 Worst Game Launches 2017

These are definitely not all terrible games, but in their launch year of 2017 they all had just a horrible time with issues or other problems surrounding them upon release. I actually enjoy a number of these games, yet it's worth remembering just how awful of a time they had when gamers were first able to get their hands on them.

For some of the games this rough start actually had long standing effects on the game's sales and even the franchise it belongs to. Here are the top 5 worst game launches of 2017, in a ranked ordering.

#5: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Specifically for the Xbox One version, the game most certainly does not perform well despite being a huge deal for the platform and having a lot of support for its release.

It might get cleaned up later, but upon first checking it out this game has some serious performance issues on even the best of what Xbox has to offer and that's disappointing. Should have been an easy knock out of the park for Xbox in taking the hottest game of the year and getting it on their platform, suppose it sold like crazy in the first couple days so no one cares too much.

#4: Friday the 13th

The launch of the game was just a mess from the horrible server errors to the stack of other issues players had with it. There were game crashes, apparently some save problems and it was just a bad time for all the players involved with this. I completely steered clear of the title due to those initial problems.

SteamWorld Dig 2 Nintendo Switch

#3: Call of Duty: WWII

On Xbox One the game straight up did not work multiplayer wise with frequent issues across the entire experience. This went on for a couple days and was beyond puzzling.

The Headquarters was a barren wasteland even past that and for the most part it was just disappointing. A game of this size and scale with so many prior releases to use as a basis there should have been zero issues with Call of Duty: WWII upon release.

#2: Star Wars: Battlefront II

The game ran fine, there were no technical issues though the storm of hate towards Battlefront II was unreal. This was all focused towards the really pushed and apparent pay to win aspects of the multiplayer that plagued the whole game.

It was so bad that apparently even Disney got involved, the crates were gutted for quite awhile and the developers pumped out tweaks. It essentially left the same experience in how items were earned, but no way to quickly get there and it was a nightmare for EA. It could even lead to long lasting issues where loot crates are being investigated by government officials in many countries.

#1: Mass Effect Andromeda

Andromeda literally killed Mass Effect, there won't be a game for a very long time and the entire proposed trilogy was instantly scrapped.

It was a complete mess upon launch with a shallow experience, numerous bugs and piles upon piles of issues. The players were not happy, the game did very poorly and it left the entire state of a once incredible franchise in ashes. That was quite the situation.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner