Train Sim World: Founders Edition Review

"Modern Rail"


Train Sim World: Founders Edition is the ultimate sort of modern train game, ride and drive those recent models. There are many connected routes to take and a number of challenges to test your skills of the rail. There's a super long tutorial, but that really wasn't necessary as they do hold your hand along the way. If you've ever wanted to feel exactly what's like to live the mundane life of a conductor for a modern rail system that runs itself, then this is perfect. I expected something more casual simulation like and my wildest expectations were blown away. Never have I experienced the thrill of working a regular job while playing a game.

I clicked all the buttons, I moved the levers and I sat there as the world passed me by. At times I would leave my job to walk around or take time with the passengers. There were many trains to conduct, I learned many button and lever combinations and I hope someday I forget the sequences. There's a fair bit of gameplay here, but it does feel limited. You can spend a very long time on the rail systems riding along with various trains so you'll get your values worth if this is something you're into. There are a number of goals too, but those aren't too intense.


It looks alright visually, I was very disappointed with the Xbox One X enhancement however. There's this weird slow motion frame drop segment that seemed to happen upon entering a train at times. It would disappear after a couple minutes, but was still an odd situation considering how minimal the world is. I also noticed slow load in for objects and that entirely killed the immersion.

Trees would appear as the train went on and if I ran along the tracks I could see textures loading in the entire way. An enhancement should make the game look better, there really isn't too much here to challenge the console and it feels like poor optimization. From there the game is simple, you sit and click buttons. It's very authentic, to a degree I couldn't believe. If you've ever wanted to try this field of work, the best option is here.
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The Conclusion

Train Sim World: Founders Edition truly captures the spirit of a mundane job, featuring every little switch and aiming to be an entirely authentic experience of the modern rail. It has some issues on the enhanced version which was disappointing, but those that want to enjoy this type of work will find this to be a refreshing yet true replication of just that. I've never been so bored playing a game before, but this really allowed me to marvel in the world of trains in a way I never would have liked to experience. Do I need to screen the games I cover more, perhaps so. Do I question certain choices in life, definitely.

This is to the side of course and no way impacts the game's score as I'm just having some fun with this review. It's a fine game providing countless hours of riding the rails across truly authentic recreations. There are many regulations to watch as you attempt to keep your goals and there are many stations to run through. Grab passengers, reach your goals and make sure the system runs efficiently as this is an essential transportation role within a functional modern city.

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Train Sim World: Founders Edition Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner