Valentine's Day Game Unlocks 2020

February 14, 2020 at 8:33pm
By Jason Stettner

Valentine's Day is a well cherished celebration of love named for the harsh activities that were presented to St. Valentine. In games it has now become a staple of an event where players usually receive some great digital content whether that be weapon skins or some other sort of content. There could also be special deals or small rewards, who knows when it comes to developers sharing the love of the holiday.

It's also best to assume that this events take place on every platform that the title is available so no need to specify. With this list I've compiled what events are going on so you can unlock all the free content without missing anything. If I did however miss a game that's giving away content specific to Valentine's Day or even a special event be sure to let me know!
Game Valentines 2020
Gears 5
Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag is back, free for all mode will be the style this time around. Gibbing with love to hit 25 Torque Kills will earn you a special Maria Weapon Skin loadout set. On February 14th, logging in will grant to a special Blood Spray and Banner.

Gears Pop!
Unique cosmetic items available each day in the special gift and store items for gold as well. Special celebration challenges too.

Apex Legends
From the 12th to the 19th login for a special 2020 edition badge. Duos returns for a limited time with a double XP boost. Squad up with a buddy and earn double XP (up to 20k per day). Two new Pathfinder and Nessie gun charms. Return of last year’s “Through the Heart” DMR Longbow and the “Love of the Game” banner frame at discount.

Pokemon GO
14th to 17th 10pm local pink Pokemon will be appearing more frequently. Audino and Alomomola will be making their debut appearing in the wild and hatching from 7km eggs. They’re rare though. Lure modules will last six hours for the regular versions and you’ll get a 2x catch candy bonus.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Earn the “Put a Ring On It” nameplate by completing ten matches in any 2v2 matchmaking playlist or Firefight doubles. The earned plate will roll out after the event concludes.

Call of Duty Mobile
Feb 4th until March 5th The Draw includes the Battery Halfpipe Valentine outfit and a new Legendary S36 Phobos. It comes equipped with a death effect that makes enemies turn into a pink mist once killed.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
From 5th until the 11th at 9am PST enjoy double XP and Weapon XP in the game.

Borderlands 3
13th to 20th Lovesick enemies will have floating hearts above their heads. Taking them out will result in weird effects that are fun to discover. Discover five rewards during this event from shooting special floating hearts.

Destiny 2
Crimson Days returns until the 18th where Lord Shaxx has a new quest and some rewards. You’ll need to gather Confectionery Hearts, take part in the Crimson Doubles matches to get them and then trade them for special items.

-Warmhearted Gift:15 Confectionery Hearts (buy this one last, as it's repeatable)
-Tirastrella ghost shell: 25 Confectionery Hearts
-Undeterred Exotic sparrow: 50 Confectionery Hearts
-SVC-12 Exotic Sparrows: 50 Confectionery Hearts
-IVC-10 Exotic Sparrow: 50 Confectionery Hearts
-The Vow Solar combat bow: 100 Confectionery Hearts
-Dieselpunk Wardcliff Coil ornament: 125 Confectionery Hearts
-Flaunting Dance emote: 150 Confectionery Hearts

Love and War is back until the 17th with challenges to unlock for free cosmetic rewards including a pickaxe and a new emote.

I hope you found this list helpful, suggest anything I missed and I’ll likely do this listing again next year. Have a day of love, or perhaps lonely sorrow. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. As usual, a review of a game below and a link to the general hubs area for additional coverage.

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