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"Robots and Puzzles"


Vesta is a puzzle based game that follows a girl and her robot. The story is one of intrigue and mystery as you're constantly given details as to what has happened and why you're in this situation. It does a great job of giving small details through the cinematics and further bits of information through terminals within the levels. There's that element of wonder while still letting you put together what might be going on. Each of the over thirty levels tasks you with solving puzzles and having enough power to continue forward. You're able to hold this power to use on switches and to generally make everything within the factory type environments function.

A large portion of the game is focused on this from collecting it to properly using it along the way to the level exit. I generally quite liked the narrative of the game and the puzzles that were present within it. There wasn't ever anything too difficult and it all felt rather logical which was great. I liked the challenge while still feeling as though nothing was out of reach for finishing the levels. The time you spend on levels range on how much the tasks click and there's a fair mix of difficulty against easily progressing. There are many hours of possible gameplay here that's backed by an interesting tale and solid puzzles to work through.


I found the visuals of the game to be pleasing with the energetic lead and very odd robotic companion. The controls worked well and the option to switch between characters was great. It made you have to watch on all ends since death is fairly easy to come by.

As you were always on the edge of your toes you also needed to deal with threats while working through any of the current puzzles. Enemies cycle around in certain positions while platforms are always on the move if powered. There are elements of verticality included as well as traps that can cause a fast death. One large complaint I did have is that the checkpoints are brutal in this at times often having you restart an entire level upon death.
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The Conclusion

For the most part Vesta was an excellent game and a well worthwhile experience. I found the checkpoints absolutely brutal, but there were some that I didn't mind. I'm not a fan of restarting an entire level and for the type of game this is, checkpoints should have been much more kind.

The narrative was rather interesting always giving you just enough information to make you push towards the next level for more. It had that great layer of mystery while also delivering some humor from those wacky robots. For those wanting something extra, secrets are hidden throughout every level. The puzzles were well designed in Vesta offering a challenge while never being too frustrating and just generally logic based.

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Vesta Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner