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"Very Aged"


Warface, the free to play shooter has returned to the current generation of consoles bringing a rather aged experience. It's the title you remember with little effort to improve it aside from being a general port. The core of the game is the competitive multiplayer elements, but there are some campaign missions to work through. These initially take the form of short coop focused levels to battle within as a team. There are difficulty tiers to select for those and the next levels.

After you're done working through them you'll end up battling with others in far larger levels called Special Operations. These are larger missions that require tokens to enter and are difficult, if your team fails at any point you'll need to redo it all which is annoying. The cooperative content is alright, there's a decent amount of it yet it's not too interesting. Very basic and linear levels with simplistic objectives against a loosely compiled narrative.


Definitely the heart of Warface you're competing with others across a series of game modes. These range from regular Deathmatch situations to more objective based play. They do some different style gametypes which helps this stand out. Finally, I'd like to highlight Storm which is a turn based tier mode. You're battling for positions to then get pushed back if you aren't able to defend the spot when on that side. It plays somewhat like Rush from Battlefield. There's also Ranked play if that's your thing, I'll also mention you're constantly in a general queue even if you pick a specific playlist.


Being a free to play microtransactions are in abundance. Here you're able to rent weapons with a more expensive purchasing option usually. The guns vanish afterwards or you can rent them again. You basically get a taste of a better, more powerful weapon and then you'll need to purchase it with most also carrying an in-game cost aside from just real money. This is followed similarly within the gear area. There are four classes that each fill a niche and it's important to have them all during gameplay. It's very much a coop focused time as medics heal, engineers grant armor and so forth. When it comes to gameplay this feels aged, not in a good way. The gameplay is slower than one might be useful and it's sluggish.

Death comes fast which is fine, but it's horribly balanced. The shotguns are completely useless whereas the sniper is in an insta kill from any distance at any part of the body. There are issues with matchmaking and servers just sending you to the main menu. There are other problems as well such as glitchy climbing or minor teleportation when trying to reach different areas. The maps are mostly bland, very linear and lack detail. There was not much work done here to make it look like a modern title, it's essentially a port in that regard. The levels are all so amazingly linear whether you're in the coop or in competitive multiplayer. There aren't very many maps and the majority have horrid spawning. The enemy AI is stupid for the most part and you can clearly tell when this released.
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The Conclusion

While Warface Xbox One is free to play, this is a lazy port with many problems that take away from a very average shooter. It's free, so for the cost it provides decent content. It's just hard to play with the many issues it has. It also feels as though the individuals that buy better weapons get an advantage in gameplay.

On top of that, the experience hasn't aged well with awkward maps. It would have been nice to see any effort to enhance this for the modern platforms. Its fine to see this return, though I expect more considering how far into this current generation we are.

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Warface Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.5

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