We Happy Few Lightbearer Review

"Rock N' Roll Pills"


August 1, 2019 at 2:41am
By Jason Stettner

The party keeps on rolling with this latest DLC experience for We Happy Few. Lightbearer has you taking on the role of a partying rockstar, he’s dealing with some real issues right now. You’re playing as Nick Lightbearer and you’re aiming to solve some mysteries, and personal issues while largely maneuvering through a hotel. You’ll have to deal with crazed fans, weird folks that also have issues and of course mind altering pills.

This presents some rather psychedelic situations, and some nightmares as he struggles to deal with a bad boy past. While at this hotel, there’s also a Nick-centric fan convention going on and everything is dressed to match. There’s a decent sense of mystery here, at the same time this wasn’t anything too deep. At certain moments it felt as though this could take some real serious turns, but it’s largely light in comparison to how dark it could have gone. It was generally just a fun little venture through a mostly linear environment, dealing with some weird situations along the way.

I felt like Austin Powers, stuck in one crazed loop of screaming fans. You’ll get to rock a pole, become rather tiny and blast away some intense beats at many chicks. Your abilities are all music based, and a fun change-up that actually worked quite well. You may even chuck some golden records, that was neat. They don’t take things too far, but deliver a fairly decent experience that’s alright in length.
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The Conclusion

We Happy Few Lightbearer brings a rather interesting setting, some wild new abilities and just a solid time. It’s nothing too amazing, but definitely fun and rather creative. It gets a bit odd as things progress, and that should be expected considering the type of game this is. I liked the combat system, it was neat and simple enough. There was definitely a little bit of a mystery here in terms of the story, but it was rather light.

It’s not terribly long, but a fine length that I could enjoy this easily within a sitting. You really do get to explore the general area of the hotel, and I loved the partying streets. This was certainly not something I could have expected, they could have honestly taken it even further too as it was rather fun. You just get to go around blasting beats, figuring out what’s going and just being groovy.

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We Happy Few Lightbearer Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner