What Does Xbox Series X Optimized Mean?

May 7, 2020 at 2:38am
By Jason Stettner

There have been a number of specific new marketing terms from Microsoft in regards to their next generation console and this is the latest. You might be wondering what exactly Xbox Series X Optimized means. It’s similar to a previous term which was called Xbox One X Enhanced.

It essentially means that games will perform and look better while having various enhancements specifically for the Xbox Series X console. It’s a badge to showcase that a game will come with special features that no other Xbox console can provide. More information to follow, alongside a video to explain everything further with visual elements as well.
Xbox Series X Optimized meaning
It may run on other consoles within the Xbox family, but it will require the specific premium option in order to look its best. This could include extra features such as running at higher resolutions, having better FPS options and additional bonuses. Ray tracing support would be an example of an additional upgrade.

This badge icon will be featured within marketing so you know which games support it, there will be lists online and it can be found on the box art of physical games. The branding as noted in the image stats “Optimized for Series X”, but the proper term is “Xbox Series X Optimized”.

When it comes to frame rates games can target up to 120fps. When it comes to the resolution marker, the target will be to provide a 4k resolution whenever possible. The Ray Tracing will be provided through hardware accelerated DirectX. This feature will provide true to life lighting, accurate reflections and 3D spatially accurate acoustics in real time as you explore game worlds.

The Xbox Velocity Architecture will aim to virtually eliminate load times and Smart Delivery will make sure you get the best version depending on the console you own, in this case that being Xbox Series X. This sort of upgrade will likely be applied to older titles as well including Backwards Compatible games stretching back to the Original Xbox console.

More information on just what else this provides will be revealed in the near future and this will be updated. There is a video below that dives into the detail for further context as well to provide a visual asset. Read a recent opinion piece on the state of the platform going forward, or the general hub for additional coverage and news.

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