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"Box Cut"


What the Box? Like seriously, What the Box? This is a multiplayer focused shooter where everyone is a box with two weapon options. The first is a gun of sorts that you can't see and the second is a box cutter. I suppose its friendly enough for anyone, while strangely being a wild competitive shooter. While it is entirely multiplayer focused you can play it offline with just bots if you'd like. These AI creatures are vicious when near you, but useless any other time. It's a weird mix that doesn't make sense intelligence wise.

The core concept is rather silly, but it makes sense considering how popular Prop Hunt is these days and it just separates the spin-off mode that various games feature. There's actually a good selection of game modes to play and a decent rotation of differing maps in terms of scale or design. You can battle others in regular Deathmatch options; Juggernaut where only one can score, King of Boxes where you hold ring, One Bullet where only a single shot is available until you eliminate a box and Capture the Tape. This all comes together to actually provide some quality content.


The box handles fine being able to lightly hop and move based on the weapon in-hand. You blend in well to the world as every level is scattered with boxes. There's a nice sense of mystery and I'm surprised there isn't a mode that plays into that more. Combat is balanced as you either shoot or slice enemies down. It's frantic in design and works well to keep the pace going.

I found the spawning to be rather bad in every mode, often appearing on top of others almost. I also noticed performance issues which shouldn't be a thing on Xbox One X considering the simplicity of this offering. The visuals are fine, nothing too amazing though they get the job done.
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The Conclusion

What the Box? is a weird game, but it does offer quality content and some perhaps fun multiplayer. It can be competitive, but this really is just about having a good time with a weird style of game. There are multiple modes to play that all offer something different and it's nice to see them thinking outside the box there.

You can have a large quantity of players in a game at once and the maps are all different. This being not only in terms of design, but the scale as well which changes up the combat further. It's a silly game, but I think you know what you're getting into if you pick this one up.

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What the Box? Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner