Wizard of Legend Review

"Magical Rogue-Lite"


Wizard of Legend is a rogue-lite dungeon crawling game where you're a magical being. You venture through these dynamic and always different areas of death acquiring spells and aiming to eliminate the many creatures that await your arrival. There's a good initial tutorial that feels more natural in a story sense and then you're thrust out there to battle. Each death leaves you with little, but you can use this to buy better skills that can help with the next run.

Each attempt has you battle through a series of levels that all have a boss behind them. Once you've completed a few of these trials you'll fight an end boss for the particular region and then if you're lucky go onto the next section. Each area is based on an elemental theme and that's mirrored throughout your battle in that run. You're never sure what might come and it's a surprise what sort of challenges may be ahead. This keeps things fresh you want to keep playing multiple times, the layouts are surprisingly distinct every run.


Visually with Wizard of Legend you get a pixel artwork that's sharp and looks great. Each region has its own vibe to it with lots of little particle effects and environmentally tweaked areas. The enemies follow that design so you're always seeing a fresh selection of foes depending on what theme you end up with. Everything controls well as you dash along blasting off a series of magical spells. There's a lot of depth present in terms of what you can collect and the variations you can setup.

You feel really powerful at times and it's best to find a balanced loadout that complements your style. There are other items to collect as well that can give an extra edge. You'll gather items after runs, during them or from the various trade folk that appear within levels. This really does help in providing a sense of earned progression as you become more equipped to deal with enemies while learning the weaknesses of the key bosses.
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The Conclusion

Wizard of Legend provides a really great rogue-lite dungeon crawler with a sense of magical combat making it stand out as a distinct offering for the genre. There are many spells to master as you collect more and gear to equip as you aim to complement your powerful abilities.

It may be difficult dealing with death, yet the dungeons you visit are always different in look and feel. This combination of different set pieces with the elemental theme helps to make each playthrough feel entirely new.

It's great to deal with as you aim to pick the right skills for certain situations and dash by enemies giving them a quick blast. There may be a good amount of challenge with playing, but you feel rewarded for doing so with a sense of progression. While the levels may be challenging, the bosses mostly come down to figuring out what works best for a fine balance of gameplay.

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Wizard of Legend Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner