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"Definitive Worms"


Worms WMD is a definitive version of Worms providing the most refined and incredible version of Worm warfare to date. The game looks absolutely beautiful sporting a new of lovely graphics that really make the various battlefields come to life. For those that somehow haven't heard of the series, Worms is a turn based military strategy game where you battle it out with these crazy creatures.

Each player whether that's humans or AI take turn unleashes a barrage of weapons or crazy items to annihilate the enemy forces, it's a lot of fun. This time around they've added a number of new features with highlights being vehicles, item crafting and the ability to move inside buildings with each working well into the experience.

With so many new items in the experience they've also crafted a vast training area to get players ready. There's also a full campaign available with a large selection of scenarios to play through. This area mostly skipped the whole story type design and delivers a theater of destruction for you to move through while attempting to finish objectives on each of them.

Aside from the core campaign you can also indulge in a selection of Challenge levels to test your Worm skills or the Bonus area that includes some special settings with the various All-Star guests. These guest stars are available in a special package which includes things from series such as Saints Row; Payday, Goat Simulator and The Escapists to name just a couple.
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For many a big part of Worms is the multiplayer component and that's also back in full swing. It's a wild game to play with your friends whether that's with online multiplayer or even local play. The game features a wild selection of customization options for matches as well if you need to get things going quicker or want a more stretched out game.

With local multiplayer you can battle it out against real people or even AI players in a number of chosen battlegrounds. With online multiplayer you have more options such as a quick game, ranked matches of 1v1 or even private matches which are such fun. In total you can play with six players for ultimate carnage and battle which is intense, but the length is also rather long as well.


Worms has never looked so good with truly gorgeous graphics, the artwork is really great in the game. The worms also come alive with their fun characteristics and costumes which can easily be customized in the main menu.

The controls are simple offering a selection right from first load for your personal game style. The vehicles which I thought might be too over powered in Worms do offer carnage, but work well into the experience. Same with the crafting system where you can make some wicked weapons if you collect enough dropped in items across the play field.

With the new inside building options Worm can move within structures for shelter or battle if you'd like. I somewhat wish this would have been a bit more apparent as some Worms just vanish from sight at times, yet it makes sense in the world and I'm surprised it wasn't introduced sooner.
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The Conclusion

Worms WMD is truly the most definitive version of Worms bringing with it a lovely set of graphics and all the Worm carnage you could ever want. It provides a solid and lengthy solo experience with missions that are creative and fun.

If that's not enough the multiplayer will keep you going for hours battling friends online or locally. When your friends aren't enough of a challenge you can also take on the world with quick or ranked matches to prove your Worm's worth.

It's also a great game for customization as you make the Worms your own with new unlocks constantly to customize them and it makes each hit against your Worm army that much more personal. It's a great strategy game as well with so many random variables that come into play which will force you to constantly rethink tactics in order to survive.

Worms WMD Review on Xbox One and PC
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner