X019: What to Expect, What Won't be There

November 13, 2019 at 4:17pm
By Jason Stettner

X019 is fast approaching and it's set to be a bigger event for Xbox taking the typical FanFest atmosphere, then expanding upon it. Some details surrounding what we'll see have already been confirmed and I thought it made sense to compile what to expect with the event. I'll also include what won't be there as some developers have already mentioned their exclusive titles won't be shown.

The setup was to counteract the typical Playstation Experience which isn't going on this year, but it is best to keep expectations minimal. Keep in mind that this is not a press type event, just purely focused on the stream and the traditional FanFest setup. There will be an Inside Xbox livestream that is set to the biggest ever apparently, that's according to the Xbox announcements. The detailed lists of expectations are below and broken down into three categories.
X019 announcements
What to Expect
-Obsidian (confirmed, might be new IP)
-Minecraft Dungeons
-Bleeding Edge
-Shadow Drop (Believed to be Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition which is already noted as releasing this week)
-Rare (Sea of Thieves or new IP)
-Wasteland 3
-Xbox Game Pass Announcements (Rage 2)
-Unannounced Game (I know this)
-Mixpot (Obsidian Wheel in Sea of Thieves, $5 Gears Pop! Promotional Pack, Chance to Win one year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)

You Might See
-Halo Reach in Halo: MCC
-Halo Reach for Halo: MCC PC
-2020 Release Dates for First Party Games
-Age of Empires 4, Age of Mythology Definitive Edition
-Gears 5 Update Details
-Another set of limited edition Xbox One controllers
-Guild Wars 2 (rumored as coming to consoles recently)
-Splinter Cell (rumored recently, teased by Ubisoft)
-Halo Infinite
-Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promotion
-New Studio Purchase
-Awkward Celebrity Guest Moment

Won’t See
-Xbox Scarlett News (Confirmed by Aaron Greenberg via Tweet)
-Crackdown 3
-Fable 4
-Viva Pinata (the obviously highly desired and anticipated revival series

That’s the break down, what would you like to see? It’ll be interesting to see how this event turns out. You can read our review of Gears 5 below, or check out the general platform hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner