Xbox Backwards Compatibility Two Years Later

The Xbox Backwards Compatible program has continued to grow and at the two year mark this program has truly become incredible. Not only do Xbox gamers have access to almost 450 Xbox 360 games to play on their Xbox One consoles, but some of these games are also getting enhanced. While that number is limited and locked to Xbox One X as well as future potential consoles, it sets a new precedent for console gaming. This being that backwards compatible games have never been touched up like that in the past. That aside, the program has grown to now also be including Original Xbox games with a small selection of those already being available.

That's rather remarkable considering the age and the difficulty with making games like that available due to licensing issues. At two years this out of nowhere program is bringing hundreds of classic games to Xbox One and it doesn't seem to be stopping with continuous drops of multiple games. I'm not sure if there's a point where it will slow right down, but for now it seems the service is still in full swing. This is great as we continue to see some of the largest titles getting added and even a selection of rather rare obscure options. They're not only looking to add the biggest past releases, but trying to get as many games as possible.

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Two Years Later
This really has been such as incredible thing to have, it may not be the biggest draw for all but I've loved going back to play these games. I don't drop everything for some of them, but on the occasion an older game will easily make me revisit it. It's very special to play these older games without having to switch consoles or do anything but simply load it up or throw in the disc. My library has particularly just grown because of this and in combination of the Games with Gold throwing even more Backwards Compatible titles into the mix each month. I've certainly been able to experience some games for the first time as well with this program as I would have never went back to the Xbox 360 to play them. on Xbox One they almost get a second life or chance at the market and that in itself is rather nice. If this continues moving forward it could very well provide Xbox gamers with just the most wealthy of gaming libraries to dig through.

Whatever does happen with it, the Xbox One is greatly benefitting by having this program in place with the team there being truly dedicated to it. There's always excitement around new titles and it only seems to be getting bigger. Seeing some of these games getting Xbox One X enhanced is crazy because they look beautiful and just like modern releases at least in presentation. Fallout 3 and Halo 3 were prime examples of that, if you need a case for why just take a look at how those games look on the new console. With almost 450 games from Xbox 360, a start on Original Xbox titles and even some Xbox One X Enhanced games they're doing a damn fine job with this service. Best of all, it doesn't cost anything extra and if you owned it before just throw the disc in or download it digitally.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner