Xbox One Local Multiplayer Games for More Than Six Players

Sometimes individuals want to play with others in larger groups or generally in the party sort of situation. With that here's a comprehensive list of Xbox One local multiplayer games for more than six players. I've listed the games below including how many controllers can be hooked up in a local situation.

Note that some may allow online players to join as well in that number, though it will of course natively and at home allow that many individuals to play at once. There are probably room limitations to having that large of a multiplayer experience though that's up to you to sort out I suppose. The titles are simply noted below with a number for the max quantity of players at once. Again, this is a full list that's up to date as of 2019 so more may be added in the future. If any have been missed, be sure to let us know!
Laser League Xbox One Coop Screenshot
The Cooperative Games for Six or More
#idarb (eight)
Beach Buggy Racing (six)
Brawlhalla (eight)
Circuit Breakers (six)
Clusterpuck (eight)
Gunscape (eight)
Jackbox Party Pack & Spin-Offs "Fibbage, Quiplash, Drawful" (changes based on the in-game selection for perhaps up to a hundred)
Knight Squad (eight)
Laser league (eight)
Monopoly Plus (six)
Pro Evolution Soccer "PES" (eight)
Riptide GP2 (six)
Runbow (eight)
Screencheat (eight)
Super Bomberman R (eight)
Worms WMD (six)
WWE 2K (six)
Voice Commander (eight)

Hopefully this list covers everything when it comes to epic battles against or with one another on your Xbox One consoles. With that, check out our review of Laser League or the platform hub below for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner