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May 13, 2021 at 6:54pm
By Jason Stettner

This is going to be a long term page where you can check out a wide range of Xbox Series X FPS Boost Xbox One games that have been given the support in order to improve their frame rates. You’ll get some brief details on each of them and of course be able to see a video to get an idea of how they’re running in action which is exciting for fans of the titles.

They basically all just run infinitely better than they ever did, being purely improved just by having the frame rate increased. In most cases it goes from 30fps to 60fps, but at times you’ll even see up to 120fps which is quite an exciting leap in quality. Some games will require you to turn on the feature under the my games and apps for each title, these ones lose the resolution quality in the process.

Keep in mind that at times improving the quality might make the resolution take a hit since these updates are merely just adjusting the FPS within the games. There are no other changes made. With that, enjoy the long listing and venture through a lengthy offering that will get updated over time.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
With the acquisition of Bethesda being concluded, the celebration provided one of the most legendary RPG experiences ever made. You’ll see the game going from a 4k 30fps all the way to 4k 60fps. It does introduce some odd bugs in this one, but it’s still a mighty showcase of what this setup can provide.

The open world multiplayer focused experience from Bioware and EA is all but dead now since they’re not going to revamp it, but with that it’s now FPS Boosted. So you’re able to sacrifice a ton of resolution for 60fps. It looks rough, but as a shooter it feels much better in that regard which is nice feature wise to have.

Assassin's Creed 2 (The Ezio Collection)
As part of this package enjoy just a straight up boost to 60fps which is awesome for exploring the lovely landmarks, meeting the historical characters and of course pulling off assassinations against various foes within this well loved entry from the long running franchise.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered
Sail the seas with absolutely no drop in quality, a pure native 4k resolution at 60fps which is the most definitive way to enjoy this game on the consoles. It looks fantastic, offers large scale sea exploration and many exciting moments to enjoy along the way. It’s also a very different entry in the series that offers unique insights into the conflict between the Creed and Templars.

Assassin’s Creed Unity
You could actually achieve 60fps prior with no updates and just using the disc with the console. Now, you get the benefits of 60fps with the updates that patch things and just get to enjoy the fluidity with no negatives to the resolution. Enjoy the French Revolution like how it was meant to be played.

Battlefield 1
Head to the epic large scale battlefields of World War I in this interesting historic take on the series where you get to have 120fps but will need to drop the resolution quality in order to achieve that. It definitely feels rather gripping when it hits that high of a level, similar to the other titles from DICE that have hit the ultra high fluidity levels that this one has.

Battlefield 4
The epic turn of the generation modern shooter provided many epic moments that continue to have players to enjoy what it has to offer. With that, it’s nothing but benefits here as you’re able to achieve 120fps here across the experience. That’s quite exciting, no negatives and just straight up improvements to the title.

Battlefield V
Following the adventure to the first World War, head to WW2 with a continuation of the style from the previous entry in the series. This once again is able to achieve 120fps, but it does come at the cost of resolution in this one which is somewhat expected when you’re targeting that level and it’s just amazing that these DICE games and the Frostbite Engine in general is so applicable to this option.

Dishonored: Definitive Edition
This is just pure benefit here going up to 60fps as you attempt to save the kin of royalty in one dangerous world that continues to decay based on the actions you take, the various dark decisions that you may have to make. Stealth, or action, you choose it in this one.

Dragon Age Inquisition
The Inquisition is on! Enjoy 60fps smoothly here without any sort of change to the experience. It’s definitely aged in terms of the resolution quality considering it’s age, but this is just a pure upgrade to that initial game.

Dying Light
Explore an open world environment using intense parkour, as you fend off zombies and enjoy 60fps with no change to the resolution so you’ll have a fine time taking on either the core game of the extra DLC The Following that sends you to a brand new area within the game.

Fallout 4
Another epic game you’ll see a resolution drop here in order to achieve 60fps. That being said, having the increased frame rate within this expansive post apocalyptic wasteland is an absolute treat to behold in this seriously legendary experience.

Fallout 76
Head into the wasteland, being the best and brightest of American in order to rebuild the country. You’ll be enjoying a multiplayer integrated experience here where you can survive, build and scavenge with others online. The resolution also drops here to achieve 60fps, but combat feels far better.

Far Cry 5
The open world beauty of this heart of America region follows you dealing with a rather odd cult like family that’s running the show. You’ll be losing resolution on this one which is very significant but you’ll get 60fps. Still, quite a drop in visual quality which can be a lot to take in.

Far Cry New Dawn
Similar to Far Cry 5, this one expands that story in many ways in a post-apocalyptic setting that’s very vibrant. Now with that, the resolution quality drops a ton in order to achieve 60fps. So higher frame rates, but lower resolution quality.

Halo Wars 2
The RTS, or well real time strategy take on the Halo franchise looks gorgeous with special cinematics and sacrifices nothing in order to achieve 60fps on the console. You get the full native 4k resolution at the high frame rate which is just an awesome option to have available from the single player content to skirmishes against the AI and even multiplayer online.

Life is Strange
Although the Remastered version is a thing, you can easily enjoy the existing full first season now at 60fps. It feels far smoother which is awesome for the quality of your journey through this choice and narrative driven setting which is exciting for fans.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Parkour the environment as Faith in this expansive single player narrative driven adventure that’s all about fast movements across a futuristic environment. It hits 120fps without any sort of adjustment to the experience.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
The original release in the series of plants battling the zombies in multiplayer modes focused on the younger audience this one just jumps up to 120fps with no impact to the gameplay experience at all. Smooth, fluid and excellent.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Another success story of just straight up improvement you’re getting 120fps here across the experience from more single player type stuff to the competitive online modes that are the heart of this intense garden based shooter of plants taking on the zombies.

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
All out plant and zombie warfare continues with this third main entry within the Garden Warfare series. This one does sacrifice the resolution, but you get an improvement up to 120fps which feels insanely wild when you’re going about blasting at others and having a wild time in the process. Perfect for the younger audience out there.

Enjoy a mysterious narrative driven single player game of sci-fi action where things get bumped up to 60fps without any sort of negative element added to the experience which is definitely the way to enjoy the zany action present within this great experience.

Awaken in a scorching hot desert where the colonization program definitely did not go as planned. Now you can finally enjoy this with a 60fps frame rate without any sacrifice to the resolution quality. It really helps with the platforming, color based shooting and exploration.

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Another impressive option on the list you sacrifice nothing getting a 4k resolution at 60fps which provides smooth times as you work within this open world RPG experience alone or with others across a desolate and chilled New York environment. It matches its sequel perfect in terms of resolution and frame rate which is awesome to have available.

The original Titanfall was an early Xbox One title that delivered fast paced action on foot or in mechs and it delivered some really excellent times as players attempted to come out on top across a range of modes. No adjustments to the resolution here, just a straight up improvement to 120fps which is appreciated for sure.

Titanfall 2
Stand by for Titanfall in this well loved, but overlooked shooter sequel that provide awesome competitive multiplayer whether you were running about on foot or jumping into a giant mech to battle. You do get 120fps here, but you’ll get quite a drop in the resolution in order to achieve that so it’s up to you. It definitely feels insanely smooth once you get up there, particularly the fluidity of parkouring through the world.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
The initial Tomb Raider title was improved early on, but we lacked a higher frame rate and now we’re getting 60fps smoothly with no impacts to the way the game looks, it just plays far better than it ever did prior. Definitely a great option to enjoy.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Sacrifice nothing as you enjoy the pure native 4k resolution experience at 60fps for the ultimate cinematic and fluid type of experience you desire within this incredible third entry and conclusion to the survivor trilogy at this current point in time. Lara Croft is ready to battle against Trinity, and you’re along for the ride.

Sleeping Dogs
Experience just an improved frame rate as the open world game set in Hong Kong allows for a 60fps experience now. Enjoy all of the released DLC, a massive range of missions and a generally improved time overall within this one. A successor to the True Crime series too.

Star Wars Battlefront
EA’s first take on the series goes for the multiplayer only approach featuring a number of dynamic and rather incredible planets for you to visit from the universe. This is just a pure upgrade to the frame rate providing 120fps without any sort of negative impact the resolution of the game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2
It’s all about frame rate when you’re using the FPS Boost in this situation as the trip to a galaxy far far away can go up to 120fps though you’ll lose the resolution quality in the process. It’s an interesting situation, as the game definitely feels incredible as a shooter when it’s at that level of fluidity which is awesome across the experience from the campaign to multiplayer and beyond.

Unravel 2
Join up with Yarny and another to work through a gorgeous world in order to save special memories and go on one epic journey. It’s quite platformer focused, and with a resolution drop it provides 120fps for very smooth traversal and exploration.

Watch Dogs
This game improves with 60fps within the large scale overly ambitious open world hacking game from Ubisoft. While initially shown as perhaps too visually impressive at the time, it’s nice to finally appreciate this game at a much higher quality which is truly exciting to behold. Drive, shoot and hack your way throughout the city.

Watch Dogs 2
Another case of where the game jumps to 60fps with this much more focused technically expansion of the franchise. Drive around, battle and of course hack your way towards this company that you’ve got it out for due to how they handle all of your data, and the people’s data.


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Xbox Series X FPS Boost Xbox One Games
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