Xbox Series X Game Reveals That Would Shock

July 21, 2020 at 9:36pm
By Jason Stettner

Since I’ve already compiled a list of what I expect to see at the show, which are more straight forward and plausible offerings I thought it might be fun to do a dreams list. Basically a selection of games that would be shocking to see at the event.

Things we don’t necessarily believe will be available within the showcase that would be genuinely complete surprises. Past that, maybe even one or two that would be a shock despite it being heavily implied that the game will be present.

This is a sort of brief game title, and then description as to what would be neat to see from said game. This should be more relaxed, and I can’t wait to see just what this presentation is going to provide as we go towards the next generation with Xbox Series X. The hype for Halo Infinite is certainly high, but we know that one is a given.

I’m very confident this game will be present at the show. You may be wondering why I would include it on this list then. It’s the fact that I’m not entirely sure what this will be, and it’s been so long it would be wild to actually see. Would this be a reboot, a continuation or possibly even a soft reboot?

Will this continue into a more charming whimsical style of play, or will they bring it back with a gritty aesthetic. Will the game be massive in terms of an open world style, or become a hub type game like the predecessors. This take on Fable could be absolutely anything set in any era featuring any level of content.

I’m just going to be amazed, even by a slash screen with the title quite honestly. I personally think a cold open to the show with a chicken clucking and being kicked would be hilariously awesome. Whatever the case, it’s been too long for Fable.
Xbox Series X Game Reveals Halo Infinite
Ninja Gaiden
This series has a long history with Xbox, and a next generation take would be an absolutely delightful surprise. It would help the platform feature a distinct type of game niche, while also possibly being a benchmarking type of visual design. I wouldn’t even know where this game would come from, but it would be a genuinely pleasant surprise to see. Ninjas, intense gore and wild action is a recipe for an enjoyable time.

Oh Banjo, it’s been too long. With the various platforming games of that style being brought back I honestly can’t see a better time to bring this style of game to the platform.

This would be an excellent family oriented title that would be distinct to the platform and maybe a charming mascot going forward. We’ve seen some lending of the characters, time for them to have a game. It could even be a smaller title just to reintroduce the idea and test the market.

Another character lost to time, the style of humor and attitude would just be fun to see modernized for the current age. It would just be such a bizarre addition to the roster. I don’t ever see Conker returning, but it would be nice. I remember being at E3 2015 and seeing Conker coming out on the screen with cheers, and then it was Project Spark. That was quite a moment of disappointment. It was a decent effort honestly, but still not a cool thing to do at the show.

Fuzion Frenzy 3
It has been awhile since we’ve seen this party game have a new entry, but it would be perfect for Xbox Game Pass. An easy going party game for Xbox Live that occasionally gets new content and could just be a frenzy of weird modes to play. You could even throw in some of the Xbox mascots, would make a lot of sense for a console launch as just a small variety pack sort of offering.
Xbox Series X Game Reveals enhanced
Viva Piñata
Honestly, the garden based games were stellar and just a lot of fun. Microsoft owns this franchise and I’d love to see a next generation attempt at this type of experience. I can just imagine those glorious 4k 120fps ray traced piñatas filling my next gen garden. It would be colorful, fun and great for all ages. Also yes, ray tracing at 4k 120fps probably won’t be possible engine wise unless there’s some insanely good DLSS upgrade out there.

Perfect Dark
I see this one keep getting thrown around and it would be awesome. A mature, updated spy based shooter featuring the iconic Joanna Dark. This would be a fun surprise, a different option within the line-up and perhaps the start of a strong new addition to the modern character roster that’s present. I replayed the original recently and it’s so smooth. Just having a fast paced, action packed spy shooter would be really enjoyable to have on the platform.

Tomb Raider 4
Lara Croft has sort of been tied closer to Xbox over the last generation and when talking to the developers behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the tease event I learned that there’s a goal to do more. They’re not done with the character, and I’m not either.

It would be neat to have this show up at the event and really push the visual quality of what the next generation can provide. I absolutely love this series and hope they’re not done with this style of the character. It fits well into the line-up, and has been an excellent modern choice. With that, we finally also have Lara at her maximum capabilities.

Killer Instinct 2
I suppose this would be Killer Instinct 2-2, but the rebooted fighter game is seriously stellar. If you haven’t played it yet I would definitely suggest doing so. It’s got a stellar roster of characters, arenas and modes to play. It feels smooth, looks gorgeous and they should build on it going forward as there are so many potential cross-over offerings to provide. I think this would be neat to have, and different. That is, unless…

Mortal Kombat XII
This of course wouldn’t happen since they just released eleven last year, but my note here is a surprise announcement of their purchase of WB Games. So, I suppose Microsoft buying Warner Brothers games studios would be the actual title of this area.
Xbox Series X Game Reveals Hellblade
Don’t forget that Microsoft still owns Shadowrun. I know some of you might want some sort of RPG offering, I want the FPS style to return. That game was far ahead of its time and seriously incredible. I want to see that game return with boosted visuals, it would be perfect for today’s era. I stand by this one, it was such an amazing time.

I think this one might be fun, you’d have to entirely re-imagine it yet it would totally different to have. You could really play with the time elements and perhaps have some comparable to Ratchet & Clank if I’m really thinking about it. Even a small little remaster might be neat to re-introduce the character to some degree as many will have no idea about what Blinx even is.

Crimson Skies
A legendary dog fighting game fits into an entirely unique niche that few games enter today. I think they could do something really cool with it if they sort of apply the technology behind Flight Simulator 2020. Take that global aspect, tighten it down and then make it have some awesome aerial combat. Crimson Skies was fun, and I think the idea could be upgraded to something new in the modern era.

Mechs, classic series that keeps popping up discussion wise. I’m not sure why you’d be against this one popping up again I suppose.

Zoo Tycoon
This is a good one for the younger ones out there. It’s an easy going simulation game that could do well on the platform. I think they could take the idea from the modern revamp and sort of redo that with a far larger scope. Try to find a middle ground towards the older versions more and I think there’s real potential to grow this sort of experience outwards.

That’s the listing, anything wildly weird you’d like to see shown off at the event or even towards the launch? Be sure to read my realistic list of what to expect below, or check out the general next gen Xbox hub as well for further coverage.

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