Xbox Series X Has the Best Game Line-Up

December 13, 2019 at 6:10pm
By Jason Stettner

The Xbox Series X has been announced and so far it’s delivering the best game line-up for its launch in holiday 2020. While news is limited on official titles, two juggernauts are confirmed to be arriving for the platform. There’s of course the crown jewel, or well flagship for Xbox which is Halo Infinite. The Halo franchise has always moved consoles for the platform, and after a long wait between entries 343 Industries is coming in swinging.

They’re splashing some nostalgia with the design, and pushing the technology with their powerful new Slipspace Engine. What makes this title so important is that it’ll be a launch title. That isn’t yet confirmed for the second revealed game, which is Senua's Saga: Hellbade 2. It’s expected to perhaps be a launch game, or one that releases shortly after release.

That title truly seems to be a benchmark for next generation visuals as the first one was so visually stunning. Ninja Theory absolutely delivered with the first one and the motion capture work in this entry seems to be beyond belief in its natural flow and design. Both of these games have had in-engine console rendered footage shown and they’re stunning to see in action.

While not confirmed, the reveal trailer for the Xbox Series X clearly teased Forza, with this likely being Forza Motorsport 8 which Turn10 has been working on for a longer development cycle. The Forza title will also very likely be a launch title as it would make sense to push out their most premium racing experience alongside the release. It definitely makes sense, and I don’t know why they would tease it in their official reveal trailer if it’s not ready to go.

The general reveal itself should be looked at closely as they’re likely teasing other things cryptically. That might sound odd, but Xbox is known for doing that particularly with their Halo Infinite trailers. Everwild is also another title likely to be strongly showcased for the new console, which is Rare’s recently revealed next title. It’s a cooperative game featuring stunning visuals and a sense of mystery to it. While these are titles we know to take advantage of the next platform, other secrets will be reveal likely at E3 2020.

There’s the secret open world RPG title from Playground Games that’s likely Fable. I feel that one is a bit out yet though. You have a studio releasing just Age of Empires titles with those likely being ported over. Obsidian just sent out The Outer Worlds and while Grounded (small team) is probably going to be carried over you have to be wondering what they’re also working on primarily.
Hellblade 2 Xbox Series X Games
I would also imagine State of Decay 3 is in production at Undead Labs and Compulsion Games must be working on something secret after wrapping up We Happy Few. This doesn’t even dive into what the folks at Double Fine or Inxile might be working on aside from current projects.

A final mention is The Initiative, but who knows what’s going on there. In general the game line-up is looking strong for Xbox Series X and it’s hard for a fair comparison to Playstation 5 at this point as they really haven’t announced anything at all yet. I would imagine there will be cross-gen titles for both, but that gets crossed out and you can note the wealth of four generations of Xbox games on the Series X as an edge. Check out our hub for additional coverage of this next gen console, or read about released specs below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner