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The First Purge 4k Blu-Ray Review

The First Purge takes viewers back to the humble start of this highly celebrated US holiday. Get ready for the origins of the series and learning just how this long running event actually came to be. It drops the horror element for something that relies more on action and gore. It has some alright twists, but it does present them in a random sort of way. There are a few groups involved with this one and it's a neat way to showcase this test. It generally does makes sense in terms of how they got this sort of day for mayhem started and that works well in building the lore for those that are interested.

The plot wasn't exactly thrilling and it came across as mindless violence at times. There was a neat fast paced Die Hard setup towards the end, but this mixed with some inconsistencies stood out to me in a cheap sort of way. The characters were neat, they once again provided great costumed murderers. I really liked the one psycho, but he sort of vanished and then was concluded in a weird way. The acting wasn't great, but for the most part The First Purge painted a correct picture of what to expect in this sort of free violence day situation.
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The First Purge 4k Special Features

The First Purge 4k Blu-Ray comes with only a few special features. These are available to view on either of the discs as they're usually not available on the 4k disc. They include the following selections that can be viewed as a bundle or individually. "Deleted Scene", "A Radical Experiment", "Bringing the Chaos" and "The Masks of The First Purge".

The features cover some core elements of the movie, yet they felt limited. They were rather short as well and it doesn't take long to get through them all. The masks showcase was neat and the deleted scene caused ultimate confusion. This is what I had mentioned earlier, basically in the movie there's a point where they look out through a broken window. That window is never broken though and just moments earlier it was fine. In the deleted scene it explains what happens, but that also breaks the entire ending.

The Conclusion

The First Purge 4k Blu-Ray package brings a small selection of extra special features and one confusing deleted scene. That really did cause confusion as it should have been in there, yet couldn't have. You can see the effect of that scene in the film, yet it doesn't play out. I'm really hanging on this as I don't think anything in a film has stuck out like this to me prior.

It was a fine watch bringing action and gore for those that want to see it. It'll feel similar to the other Purge movies so fans of the series should be intrigued by the origins. The events make sense for the most part with some unique aspects that are surprising for sure. It was alright to view with some neat light based scenes against the darkness. Some characters were under-used, yet the costumes were awesome.

The First Purge 4k Blu-Ray Review
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Rating Overall: 5.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner