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Overlord Blu-Ray Review

February 14, 2019 at 6:20am

This is a rather intense horror film, it actually doubles in what genres it presents. It works just as great as a World War II film as it does one with horror elements. There's certainly a bit of a twist if you jump into this without any prior knowledge. This movie follows a group of paratroopers as they dive head first into a dangerous situation.

They have a simple goal of destroying a local communications tower, but what they're greeted with is beyond expectations. There's a great balance of action, narrative development and terror here. The areas they visit along the way are creepy, unsettling and filled with high levels of excellent gore. They go all out in that regard, it is most certainly a gritty time the whole way through. I'm trying to step around any spoilers as it is fun to see the dangers beneath reveal themselves as you continue to watch. It would be a complete surprise, perhaps shock if you went in here expecting a straight up war type film.
Overlord Blu-Ray Wallpaper Soldiers

Overlord Special Features

The Overlord Blu-Ray comes with a number of special features. These are available to view on the traditional Blu-Ray disc as one package. They include the following selections that can be viewed as a bundle or individually. "Brothers in Arms"; "Death Above", "Death Below" and a number of others.

I was really impressed with the quantity of options present here, they really do have a wide range of behind the scenes content. You get a good look at the sets, the actors and the work behind this production. There's lots of depth here and it was an impressive curation of content. You get about one hour worth of extra content which was great.

The Conclusion

The Overlord Blu-Ray package brings a fascinating selection of extra special features and one intense twist of horror. I really appreciated the extra content that was present, it gave a great behind the scenes look at this production.

There's a lot going on as they constructed these great sets, sculpted some creepy looking folks and just put it altogether. The film itself is fantastic, works perfectly as just a war movie or one of horror being a bridge between the two. It's an enjoyable action filled ride that has creepy moments throughout. The pacing is good, there are many surprises and it just delivers a rather exciting experience.

Overlord Blu-Ray Review
Provided by Paramount Home Media Distribution

Rating Overall: 8.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner