4-Bidden Words Review

May 13, 2019 at 8:23pm
By Jason Stettner

This is an interesting take on a classic sort of concept. What you’re doing here, is splitting into teams and then attempting to figure out a special word. One partner in the group holds the card above their head, while the other attempts to help them find out what it is. Around the specific word, or short phrase are a series of forbidden words. Hence, the titling of 4-Bidden Words for the game.

Saying these bad words will grant you a penalty chip which takes away from your score, but we called them shame tokens which is more fun. With that issue in the way, you’ll need to find other words or things to say in order to get that person to come up with, or well speak what the buzz word is. There are of course other rules here, but you can discover those while playing. It works well as a core concept, it’s fast paced with the turn timer and generally just fun to play.

It can be hilarious to think of the words in a way to explain them, and to be fast about it. If you really get going it can be an impressive display of understanding between the team members. There’s definitely some adult content in here as well, more of a party experience for sure. It was really good for a group of four, but adding more would certainly be fine for this.
4-Bidden Words Board Game
The Board/Pieces
Within this package you get a selection of six hundred buzz words to play with. Included on those cards are twenty-four hundred words that are forbidden for usage. It also includes eight penalty chips which seems a bit minimal honestly. I get why they’re included, but I figure holding onto cards and then losing some during penalties makes more sense.

To finally top this package off is the inclusion of what they consider to be a super high tech sand timer. It’s a regular one, but it does work very efficiently. Moving past that, there are just a pile of cards here and I believe it’ll be unlikely for this to get repetitive.

The cards have a front and back side, featuring some sleek looking designs. Nothing too fancy, but a quality setup that makes it easy to read the words for the individual that tries to assist the one that’s guessing. A very clear presentation, and that’s important considering the state you may be in while playing.

The Conclusion

4-Bidden Words delivers a fast paced, and enjoyable game for groups to play with each other. It was a lot of fun, brought some laughs and a bit trivia in some situations. This was a tricky, yet delightful time as you attempt to dance around the 4-Bidden words that hovered around that special buzz word. It really was rather intense and super easy to pick-up.

It didn’t take long to explain the concepts for the group to play and it went smoothly. It’s great to be able to play something quickly and for everyone to understand it without too much difficulty. You can also easily alter how long you want to play for, just pick and choose when to end really. It can go on for quite awhile if needed. The only limit is your time on this one.

4-Bidden Words Review
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Rating Overall: 8.2

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