Boogie Dice Review

July 24, 2019 at 3:10am
By Jason Stettner

Time to get grooving, and to generally enhance your generic dice situation. These Boogie Dice offer a significant upgrade over any standard options, and are fun to see in action. You’re able to use a variety of ways to activate them, whether that’s physical or digitally through an app.

There’s a free app to download for either IOS or Android devices that gives you full control over these charming blocks. This is cool, while at the same time I wonder about the longevity of apps in regards to long term product use. It’s great for now however, and it works really well. This is quite a premium accessory, and it delivers a rather unique way to play.

You can enhance existing board games, or just use the dice in other ways. The app actually comes with some mini games to play, that was nice. You’re generally able to clap, snap or just hit around the dice to activate them and get the party atmosphere rolling.
Boogie Dice Board Game
I will note that they work perfectly on most surfaces, but some cause slight issues if they’re not flat enough. Internally there’s vibration mechanics which are strong, you can feel the buzz. There’s a tilt sensor, a microphone and three LED lights.

Through the app there are a good selection of colors to choose from, and many options for customizing how the dice react. I’ll also note quickly that you’re able to easily recharge the blocks in a special little station that looks fancy. Some other tweaking options within the app include a timer for how long you’ll have to wait for them to automatically roll.

There are ID options to customize, and an easy reset. Going further you can choose how long it takes for them to sleep, the rolling time, and the clap sensitivity. You can also adjust the jump power or the clap method. There’s a history log if you want to revisit things, or a games tab for new ways to enjoy these premium accessories.

The Conclusion

The Boogie Dice are certainly fun, and enhance your general experience for board games or any other sort of setup. They are definitely a premium accessory, thought that should be noted. They are fun to throw into existing games, mixes things up a bit. Adds a certain flavor that was missing prior to having them. The app is easy to use, there are games to play on it and you can really customize these in neat ways.

They give the user a lot of control, that’s important and appreciated. There are some limitations to these for usage, but nothing that should get in the way of a regular board game and or tabletop night type of experience. So clap, roll, and just enjoy the wacky style of having some rather intense cubes to play around with. Those vibrations are also worth noting as rather intense.

Boogie Dice Review
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner