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Master Thief

Release Date: 2018
Publisher: Breaking Games
Developer: Sparr Games

Master Thief presents an experience where you're trying to steal the most valuable items from the museum. You'll also attempt to foil your opponents as they're trying to do the same. You need to do this while actually escaping, an extra layer to this thieving goal. Each turn starts with the Master Thieves stealing items, there are museum cards that are designed with a way finding guide to your actions. The Action Cards represent what you're up to and this includes functions such as sneaking, swiping, stashing and stealing. While you're grabbing that sweet loot you'll need to pay attention to the time and the alerted security to get out. Time to out steal all that oppose you.

Master Thief Box Art

Review Score: 7.5/10
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Game Time
15-20 Minutes

3-6 Players