Movie Buff Review

"Battle with your Knowledge"

Movie Buff is a trivia based card game where you battle your friends using general knowledge of films. The overall design isn't very complicated and just provides a base from which you compete against. The cards are a structure for your knowledge of movies and the goal is to remove your hand of cards.

Think of it being somewhat like Uno, but with actors or role cards instead with a bit of information that each player provides. As an example I would start things off with an Actor card saying Emily Blunt, the next person could place a Movie card to then say The Girl on the Train. The two are connected and the goal is to finish off a complete set of the unique cards with overlaps being allowed.

While the base is solid, this does however come at the catch of your group needing to have a running knowledge of film. I had some issues depending on who I played with as some people don't pay much attention to what's going on whereas I really love movies and keep track of everything.

There's also the issue of one player swaying the game from general knowledge such as my sister that would send us spiraling to small time Disney movies that killed it. That aside, you get a good group of players that understand and know many facts of the industry you'll have a grand time.

The Board/Pieces

Being a card game there isn't exactly a ton to go over as they're cards. The deck is split in two with the packaging which is clean and clear. There are simple to understand instructions with some complicated minor aspects for what happens in certain situations.

The cards are also clear, well designed and simple. The deck is mostly comprised of the generic play cards with smaller quantities of game changing ones that can completely alter the direction of the game.

Movie Buff Card Game

The Conclusion

I was certainly surprised by the game expecting it to be more standard trivia with the time. That aside, having it be open to whatever knowledge the group has does work to making this game essentially last forever. You would just gain new movie knowledge while living your day to day and the base structure would never change.

It does however make this meant for a specific group of players since not everyone has even the basic knowledge of movies from what I experienced while playing. If you've got yourself a group of movie buff friends to play with, then this card game is just perfect for any casual or competitive board game night.

Movie Buff Review
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner