Pluck Off! Review

September 16, 2020 at 9:15pm
By Jason Stettner

This is an interesting play on the concept of a fairly simple card game. This is essentially Go Fish, but with extra steps that add a nice level of hilarity to the experience. The rent is too plucking high out there in the bird city, so you’re going to need to help the various pigeons roost together. You achieve this by collecting enough of the card to finish a nest. By doing so you’ll be given points based on the quantity of cards, and by the end the player with the most points wins. There are of course some extra levels of complexity to it, but that’s the just of the experience.

With this being a card game of collection, you’ll be passing cards back and forth based on what you think the other players have. If you’re caught lying or accuse someone of doing so, you may end up getting a negative poop card added to your deck. There are also other special variant cards that come into play in order to mix things up further. That makes this fairly complex in nature, and actually provides some quality match time to it despite the concept being rather simple.

It’s also time that you don’t notice flying by as it’s rather humorous. I certainly got some good laughs with it. That is mostly in regards to trying to figure out the lies, and to build up those nests in order to get the points. It’s not easy to finish the roosts, and to deal with the poop that lands in your direction. It’ll take strategy, a level of cunning and determination to get the matches before your opponents end up doing so.
Pluck Off! Board Game
The Board/Pieces
The game comes in a small package that contains one hundred playing cards. That’s really all there is to it. Nothing too complex in regards to what’s present within the small package box, and easy to understand rules. It’s meant for three to six players and take about thirty minutes of time to play which is actually quite true.

The cards were simple, yet featured great artwork that captured the very hip lives of these pigeons. There’s not much more you could really ask for within this release as it has a good selection of cards and some fun variations to keep things mixed up. That includes random twist ups and even some match time boosters filtered into the cards.

It’s something with lots replay value and perhaps appropriate for all ages despite its rating. I didn’t notice any content within it that was too adult in nature, you are just saying Pluck Off! when you don’t have the cards someone needs. When you’re playing adults that verbiage may vary of course…

The Conclusion

Pluck Off! is a rather enjoyable card game that really does build upon the foundations of Go Fish in some hilarious ways. I definitely found it to be a good time, and that time itself went by quickly while engaging in the matches. It’s got some solid artwork designs on the cards, and it comes in a very contained package.

It’s not hard to understand, and it provides some light competitive play. It really does go back and forth in terms of how the cards fly which does keep things balanced. It’s very interesting to see the dynamics at play when you do get additional players going at it to get those nests created. It can be tough out there in the big city for pigeons, luckily you’re here to help fix that.

Pluck Off! Review
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner