Poop the Game Review

"It's Poop in a Bag!"

Poop the game is well, basically poop in a bag which was a funny start to the game itself. With this Party Pooper edition it's basically a collection of poop and two decks of cards. The goal of the game is to basically not clog the toilet with players taking turns attempting to not be the one that tips the toilet over its numbered mark.

This is essentially a play on Uno as you're attempting to remove all the cards from your hands with the one that clogs the toilet getting everything thrown into it thus far. It then continues with players attempting to remove all the poop and it's surprisingly appropriate for all ages.

The deck comes with a number of colored cards each with different poop values or specialty effects. These include things such as skipping their turn or placing a zero poop to name a couple that came up. There was also a flush ability when matching cards up which essentially cleansed the hand saving someone a pile of new poop cards.

There are also a number of variants available for the game printed upon rule cards in order to mix things up a bit. It's typically a quick game to play with rounds being under ten minutes and it's rather simple for everyone to play, perhaps even a bit too simple. Still, the concept is quite funny and I'm sure people will get a good kick out of the game.

The Board/Pieces

The decks are cards with a simple design to them and a variety of colors for that did a good job of mixing up what people would throw into the toilet. The instructions were easy to read on their cards with a wide variety of options for remix versions of the game if you need something different to keep the poop flowing.

The bag they come in is quite funny and I got a good laugh out of that for sure, though not great for keeping them in after as it's a bag. I'm still going to keep them in it for at least awhile as it's a fun joke to keep re-using.
Poop the Game Board Game

The Conclusion

Poop the game is rather funny in that it takes a disgusting concept and turns it into a Uno-type experience which works well. It was a bit too simple for my liking with matches being rather quick.

This still did work well though I enjoy a certain bit of complexity to me games even if they are cards or at least a bit of length to them. There were some laughs involved with the game of Poop and the concept was good for the card game.

Poop the Game Review
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Rating Overall: 6.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner