Sparkle Kitty Nights Review

July 24, 2019 at 1:43am
By Jason Stettner

This is a perfectly clean card game, for the dirtiest of minds. This is a more naughty experience, where you’re creating some lightly suggestive phrases. This is a side element, with the main goal being the removal of your tower from the game. You do this piece by piece, with a number of ways to accomplish it. This is meant for a group, with uneven players having the ability to unleash a dragon in play which certainly alters the experience.

This was a rather fun game, offering fast paced action and some rather zany phrases to note. The goal of the game is to eliminate parts of your tower, you do this by playing cards. The cards create the noted phrases for the most part, whereas other special cards can alter play. Again, it moves quickly and flows very well. It’s an easy game to pick-up, and one that grabs the attention of the players involved in it.

You’ll be matching shapes, spitting out joined words and generally trying to cause other teams to have problems. Cards will be sent back and forth between tours, with hands flying out quickly. It’s a neat situation, with dynamic fallback options if you don’t have a way to play with even teams for this.
Sparkle Kitty Nights Board Game
The Board/Pieces
This is a shiny, and compact card package. It’s larger than other card based packages in terms of the shape, but easy to carry. The interior of this package includes a board to place cards, a styrofoam portion to keep the cards parted and just a pile of spells to use. There are of course rules to read, these are laid out in an easy to view way.

Bright colors, clear text and that’s important for those late nights of trying to introduce others to the game. I felt that the cards were of a quality build, they had vibrant color options and a silly fun way to present the words you would combine as you played. To build on the card element, there are special knights too. These were fancier, with really great art work on them. I was really impressed by the designs, and they were fun to have at the tip of the towers.

There’s a good variety of them, and they have some rather clever designs, as well as titles. The “Ladies Knight” was a particular comedic stand out for our group of players with this one. Others are similar with their titling, just teetering on that edge of a naughty attitude. There are nice ones too however.

The Conclusion

Sparkle Kitty Nights is a really fun game to play, with just a little bit of a naughty attitude sprinkled in there. This was some extra fun, as you placed words together to create funny phrases and make some comedic noises. The spells certainly are clever, as are the knights that you can play as. There’s a nice quality to the presentation here, it’s colorful and very visible.

This should be fairly easy to understand, and it works well for groups. It doesn’t take long to play, about fifteen minutes or so and there’s room for flexibility with players. You can swap in a mystical dragon for a twist if the squads are uneven. It’s all about breaking down those towers, through any means. These are structured paths, and you can be creative in a number of ways in order to accomplish this.

Get rid of those hands, throw tower blocks to others or just master the special power cards that can come into play. It’s certainly an enticing title in terms of just the name, and the game behind it is even more fun. Definitely good for the mature crowd, while still being alright for those that are a bit younger.

Sparkle Kitty Nights Review
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner