What Do You Meme? Game of Thrones Expansion Pack Review

May 13, 2019 at 5:28pm
By Jason Stettner

The What Do You Meme? experience is expanded upon with this pack that adds a Game of Thrones theme. What you’re provided with here are ninety picture cards based on the HBO original series. They capture the early to middle years of the show. This means that the latter, and perhaps more meme friendly seasons are not presented.

This may be an issue for those that want to see the more intense moments be presented. This also does leave room for another potential pack, and I think that one would be really awesome. You do get a wide range of image options from the characters, though it feels like the main characters get the spotlight with this package. With that, some of the cards are sort of bland faces. This makes it hard to match witty remarks and therefore tones down the laughs that are possible.
What Do You Meme? Game of Thrones Expansion Pack Board Game
This was disappointing as I was expecting some more impressive combinations. Some of them are quite great, others were just odd to have come up. I would have liked to see more of the supporting cast in general.

There are many great characters and there were just a pile of Jon Snow cards that came up. At one point we agreed to skip any more of him that showed up while we were playing.

The Conclusion

The What Do You Meme? Game of Thrones Expansion Pack adds some standard extra photo cards to your core pack. The cards could have perhaps had more distinct expressions, or something that would have brought more laughs. I didn’t find these to be generally great within the game. If you’re a diehard fan of the show you might find this to be an interesting change-up.

I can’t see this being great as a general expansion, it hits a niche however and it’ll work well for that. It would seem really odd for those that haven’t watched the show and they stand out well enough to be distinct meme images. Still, I think this is a good base for perhaps a second part in the future. That one could be gold, I’m sure the image material was limited for this one.

What Do You Meme? Game of Thrones Expansion Pack Review
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Rating Overall: 5.2

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