Life Is Strange: Welcome to Blackwell Academy Review

February 21, 2019 at 4:25am
By Jason Stettner

It's great to see that the universe of Life is Strange is expanding. There's a second episodic game out and while that's grand, there's something truly special about the original characters. I can't get enough of that series, so it's great to see some written work out there that's expanding the general universe. While this isn't exactly something heavy with words, this book brings lovely visuals and distinct wit in the form of comments from the main characters. This is the Life Is Strange: Welcome to Blackwell Academy book and its more information focused.

It's presented in the style of a guide for potential students that might want to attend the school. It's actually more than just that however as there are many fun little comments, markings and extra drawings included. You also get a lovely Max and Chloe section featuring distinct art from the game. Timeline wise this includes information about events from "Before the Storm" and the first game up until the point you make your final decision. It also mentions that the book does not mean to provide any elements of canon to the series. I will note that there isn't anything particularly spoilerish in this if that's something you were worried about.

Life Is Strange: Welcome to Blackwell Academy Wallpaper

This is a very quality, heavy book. It's focused on visual elements with small bits of writing throughout. It largely aims to provide extra content to the school, and the area of Arcadia Bay. This is a great thing for fans, as you get an expansion upon certain elements of the environment there. It provides a general layout, tips about the local businesses and does expand the universe a bit.

You also see some truly awesome art from the series pictured throughout and you mostly get to enjoy past memories if you've played either of the episodic series. That being the prequel and the first season. I will mention that this is mostly for hardcore fans, you won't learn a lot about the game through this if you're not already familiar with it. There's also a double special to this, the majority of it is about the school, whereas the back when flipped is a "Welcome to Arcade Bay" guide. A neat extra that I certainly appreciated.

The Conclusion

The Life Is Strange: Welcome to Blackwell Academy book is an excellent addition to the franchise for fans of the games. I really don't believe that regular folks will be too interested in what this has to offer. Fans will certainly love it. There are some great pictures showcased from the game, an expansion of thoughts and funny comments from the characters.

They have the entire main cast present, with little quips here or there throughout. This is written in a distinct color style so that you can tell them apart. The most present commentary is from Chloe, followed by Max. They were enjoyable to read and it helped further cement the individual individuals present in the series. There's a good quality to the book, it looks warn and right from the universe.

Life Is Strange: Welcome to Blackwell Academy Book Review
Author: Matt Forbeck
ISBN: 9781785659355
Review Copy Provided by Penguin Random House Canada

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner