Minecraft: Let's Build! Theme Park Adventure Review

May 27, 2019 at 5:44pm
By Jason Stettner

As part of the “Let’s Build” series, this particular book entry is titled the “Theme Park Adventure”. The goal here is to generally inspire you when it comes to creating an amusement park of your own. This is a more visually focused experience, as opposed to one that’s entirely towards the details.

What I generally mean, is this is less instructional than other entries in the series of Minecraft guide books. This one aims more to give you ideas of what to have in a park, what type of rides you may want and the aesthetics of keeping things thematically similar. I would however have liked to see something more instructional, like the other books were.

It does teach you a fair bit about setting a theme, some tips in regards to rides and generally it covers a fair bit with a fun theme. It has some decent content within it, and it’s presented in a way that anyone could easily understand it.

Minecraft: Let's Build! Theme Park Adventure Cover

The book is cleanly presented with a full blue color theme, featuring a fancy whimsical park as a logo. You can tell its Minecraft based, but it comes across as more of a professional offering. The pages are precise, typically offering an image and then small written blurbs around them. There are highlight tips and other little facts placed throughout. It's generally presented in a simple, and streamlined formula.

This is more image based as the background sections are full and wild for the most part. This is a change-up, but a good move as it’ll be more visually appealing and less instructional. This is a type of book that can be enjoyed by any audience type. It’s got some complex ideas for the more advanced, while still being simplistic enough that any reader could dive into it and not have any difficulty.

The Conclusion

The Minecraft: Let's Build! Theme Park Adventure book delivers something that’s more fun to flip through, as opposed to naturally instructional as the rest of the series. This isn’t a horrible aspect, but still something that could have been focused on as I like reading these for the details I didn’t know. It definitely is more inspirational when it comes to creating a full sense of theme for your park, but still could have went into details about side elements more.

There only seems to be a page or two about side activities. A big part of the many Minecraft parks I’ve visited have had a lot of filler, and when people are building their parks, they’ll want more ideas. There was also a very strange focus on water based rides here, there are many types of rides to build and very few ones I’ve seen have been focused on the aquatic elements. I do know a ton about the water flow now though, and the drops, some cool ideas there for sure. I just thought the priorities were a bit off in this one, should have kept it more on focus.

Minecraft: Let's Build! Theme Park Adventure Book Review
Author: Stephanie Milton
ISBN: 9781101966389
Review Copy Provided by Penguin Random House Canada

Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner