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Xbox Hooded Union Suit (Xbox Onesie) Review

March 17, 2019 at 3:39pm

After the premium offering of the Xbox One X, it was only a matter of time before the team took that engineering attitude in new directions. The idea of the Xbox Onesie, now known as the Xbox Hooded Union Suit was probably set around that time as their next endeavor. I'm assuming the name adjustment was due to some legal issues, but we all know this is the Xbox Onesie.

A hilarious clothing item that actually provides a solid addition to your gaming experience. I'm quite serious in the sense that this is the world's most powerful Onesie. The comfort, warmth and style this outfit provides really doesn't have any sort of match. To start, this version is available in a black color scheme that features a white trim. There are multiple pockets, with each featuring a logo icon of what one might fit within it.

I honestly think these icons are the only negative as I've found other uses for the pockets. Shouldn't limit folks with the suggestions. The traditional noted pocket options are for Xbox controller, TV remote and phone. The remote one is perfect for a pal like Yarny, or the Nintendo Switch when undocked. If the three large pockets aren't enough, there are two traditional pockets that are deep and warm.

The regular pockets are greatly appreciated and I was surprised by them as they weren't something I anticipated. The item is 100% polyester and it should be set on a gentle wash cycle / tumble dry medium heat. The fabric is incredibly soft, being something that's comfortable for extended periods of gameplay. It's also very warm, I took it outside in some rather cold conditions for shooting footage and I was shocked that I didn't even notice the chill. Keep in mind that I live in a cold Canadian climate, so this thing delivers.

It also feels rather chilled during regular sessions, being a nice temperate option for standard gameplay experiences. It seems to have a decent grip when sitting on chairs, didn't notice any sliding when seated. The item ends prior to your foot and covers up to your hands. The hood is quite easy to throw over your head and there's plenty of coverage from winds. The hood provides solid visibility and coverage. It's a great highlight for the mesh interior aspect that works well. The zipper is very easy to pull providing a swift exit when needed.

Xbox Hooded Union Suit Suit Xbox Onesie Jason Stettner

The Conclusion

The Xbox Hooded Union Suit which I will always call the Xbox Onesie is certainly the world's most powerful Onesie. It brings an amazing level of comfort with a high quality that will delight. The fabric feels great for extended gaming experiences and it essentially has too many pocket options. You can hold whatever you'd like with it, and even then the regular pockets are perfectly deep. It looks rather stylish, sleek and carries the Xbox design.

It's not too pushy in that regard aside from the large logo on the back, it's just generally nice to look at. You can carry all your tech with you, as well as your stuffed friends such as Yarny or the Frienderman (Enderman from Minecraft). This is a really excellent choice to enhance your gaming experience, and a funny one as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the general quality, and the warmth it provides in even chilly environments. It has the pocket space you need, the comfort you desire and it fits well with the modern Xbox brand. It's about time this finally released, it is the true premium console accessory.

Xbox Hooded Union Suit Review

Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner