Forky Asks a Question Season 1 Review

November 9, 2019 at 5:12pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a small series of shorts, that follow one of the key characters introduced in the recent Pixar film Toy Story 4. This is of course the ever so charming and mostly hilarious Forky (Tony Hale). He is a spork that has come to life as a toy, and with that having happened he’s largely oblivious to the general world. They push that to new extremes as the character aims to ask some important questions about how things work.

These are presented as little skits of about two minutes each and they bring a very casual silly attitude with that. There’s not a whole lot to view since they go by quickly, but they do provide a laugh or two and I think they’d be great for that younger audience. I was able to view “What is Money?” and “What is a Friend” in order to compile this review. It’s a good sampling of the series, and there are some educational aspects as well.

Forky is the very silly one, whereas Hamm is more grounded and provides better educational facts. You see this in money as Hamm brings the education, and Forky is just all over. That could be compared somewhat to the relationship of a young anxious child, and their parent attempting to pass along information. It’s a dynamic that works well here, and the match was well selected.
Forky Asks a Question Season 1 Wallpaper
These shorts look as though they were taken right from the recent Toy Story, and that’s great. The animation quality is incredible, and it seems like these were almost tests to see the dynamics of Forky at play. They do tons of quick paced shifts, adjustments and just generally Forky is all over.

This fits the character’s attitude, and style from the recent film. It’s great to see that transferred over here, and it helps make these come across as being a direct part of the greater Pixar Toy Story universe. The voice work was excellent, again going back to the stark contrast. Hamm is just always so unamused whereas Forky is pure insanity being over the top. Just comes together well.

The Conclusion

Forky Asks a Question Season 1 is a nice selection of shorts, they’re quick yet still fun to take in. They provide some educational elements while being somewhat funny as well. They’ll be great for the younger audience, but are brief and go by fairly quickly. The animation is top notch as expected for anything that comes from this property, and the voice work matches that quite well.

These were fun, easy going and I didn’t mind them. I actually would have liked more, but the time works perfectly for how much of the lead character I can handle. He’s a bit too energetic for me at times.

Forky Asks a Question Season 1 Review at Home with Streamed Viewing
Screening was Provided by Disney (Episodes "What is Money?" and "What is a Friend")

Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner