Godmothered Review

December 11, 2020 at 2:54pm
By Jason Stettner

Godmothered is a Disney+ Original film that is very generic in terms of the plot, and the various events that happen along the way. It’s a decent watch, but don’t expect anything fresh from it. This follows Eleanor (Jillian Bell), a young fairy godmother in training that ends up heading out into the world in order to hopefully save her possible way of life.

She’s paired up with Mackenzie (Isla Fisher), now a grown up in comparison to when she first was in need of help. This creates an odd twist to things as you get an out of touch Eleanor trying to come in and help Mackenzie. It’s a bit of an awkward transition, playing on the whole fish out of water situation.

There are some moments here or there that provide a laugh, it’s a very straight forward type of humor. I’d say in general this will feel like something you’ve seen many times before, but for the target audience it might be a fresh magical sort of situation. It just takes the whole find your happiness angle and applies it to an older individual.
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The acting was generally fine here, nothing too memorable I suppose. It had some musical elements as well, with finding your voice being somewhat of a subplot that was going on. Hard to really dive into as there wasn’t a whole lot of content to this one. It was very straight forward in terms of the story and the events that happened.

It did have some random side spots that didn’t really go anywhere such as the makeover or the meet during a reenactment. It just felt a bit disjointed at times and didn’t really deliver something as impactful as they were perhaps setting up. They also try to poke fun at the whole godmother aspect, or well fairy tales in general but then became just that so I’m not sure the commentary in that regard was really thought out.

The Conclusion

Godmothered is painfully generic, but alas a fine tale for the target audience that wants some moments of sought after happiness. It’s really hard to dive into at there wasn’t a whole lot to this. It’s really long considering how empty it felt. It had an interesting concept behind it, but I don’t think it leaned into its set up strengths enough.

Largely forgettable characters, some comedic bits that hit the mark and just a really generic sort of story that we’ve seen done many times prior. If I had to pick a stand out moment, I wouldn’t be able to think of any. Well, aside from some of those really badly done CGI animals.

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Rating Overall: 5.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner