Gears Pop! Season Ranks

Release Date: August 22, 2019
Platforms: IOS, Android
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: The Coalition & Mediatonic

Gears Pop! Season Ranks is the clash of Gears of War with Funko Pop! At launch there will be over thirty characters from the franchise in this special design. Battle in iconic Gears battlefields during real-time PVP battles. Build your squad with any characters and unleash ultimate abilities. There are also local AI opponents to battle for practice. Work through the arenas and into the big leagues for more rewards. Below you can see the details for the various progression thresholds from which you can battle on new levels for better rewards. Each new level brings additional pins that can be unlocked, and a larger point of ranking. When you hit those high tier medal based points you get a reset threshold, better bonuses and are in the most competitive aspect of play. Most matches will either add around thirty points for winning or subtract around thirty points for a loss.

Gears Pop! Box Art

Review Score: 7.5/10
Install Size: 260 MB
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All Gears Pop! Season Ranks
Arena 1 - Thrashball (0+ Points)
Arena 2 - Rustlung (300+ Points)
Arena 3 - Gridlock (600+ Points)
Arena 4 - Checkout (900+ Points)
Arena 5 - Vasgar (1200+ Points)
Bronze - (1600+ Points) Season Reset 1599 Points
Silver - (2000+ Points) Season Reset 1599 Points
Gold - (2400+ Points) Season Reset 1599 Points