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Glen Fortkamp

Glen Fortkamp, Former Editor/Writer on Gamerheadquarters covers a number of gaming titles and attends many American events. From the mystic land of the Metropolitan United States, Glen attends many events in the area. He also covers a number of games on various platforms while providing edits for the key reviews and articles written. Glen will also be in charge of the virtual world covering games for Playstation VR also known as PSVR.

Current Consoles/Platforms: Xbox One; Playstation 4, PSVR, IPhone6 and Xbox 360
Current Equipment: PC/Mac, HyperX Cloud Stinger 5.0, PVR 60fps

Glen Fortkamp Gamerheadquarters


Glen has attended the following industry events.
PAX East 2017, PAX East 2016
Pax Unplugged 2017 (Pre-Confirmed)
Toy Fair New York 2017
The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017

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