LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle Review

June 5, 2020 at 10:27pm
By Jason Stettner

As part of a large Minecraft Dungeons loot chest that I was sent, this particular LEGO set was included. This is “The Redstone Battle” which is of course based on the spin-off entry within the game series. This focuses on providing each of the core character skins and the two main large scale bosses that you battle within it.

It’s actually a generally great offering, if you’re looking at getting an addition that focuses on the biggest part of this standalone game entry. So unlike other similar types of sets, this one really doesn’t have a backdrop to play off of. It would have been neat to have something more in that regard, but that being said you get a truly great focus on characters.

There are a good stack of Minifigs in here, aside from the two large monsters and a loot pig which is really cool. The loot pig is just a regular pig from the game that’s carrying a chest. Still, a really neat thing to have and that chest is filled with some weapons to carry around for whenever you want them. Just like a loot pig is supposed to have! Seriously, they delivered on the style and aesthetics of this one in regards to capturing the atmosphere of the game.

Set Pieces:504
Suggested Age: 8+
Minifigs:Hex, Hedwig, Hal and Valorie
Building: Wasn’t too hard nor time consuming of a creation. It is comprised of many smaller pieces instead of any large scale plates.

When it comes to the characters in this each are entirely different in terms of their design, and the weapons they have. There are crossbows, blades and even scythes. It’s really quite cool, and very well presented. When it comes to the backdrop aspect you get a brief table with some important questing based items. It’s nothing too complex, but a nice little bit of an extra to help round out this set further.

Now, the big part of this is the two giant bosses. We have the Redstone Monstrosity and the Redstone Golem. The former is the large one and it’s massive. It really does feel to scale in terms of what it feels like within the context of the game. The minifigs are absolutely tiny against this thing, and that’s great. It’s also quite in-depth in terms of articulation and internal block design. It carries many reflective pieces, movable arms and fingers. This is carried forth on the moving legs, and head. This is one mighty piece, and a true menace to any type of LEGO minifig you would put up against it.

They simply wouldn’t stand a chance, which is great for dungeon crawling. The second is the golem, and a much smaller version of this larger creature. This one is just as articulate, but less fancy and of course definitely on brand in regards to capturing the game aesthetic for this creature. It’s also rather large and cool, being about two LEGO minifigures high. It’s just as much of a tank, and a nice accessory to the even scarier larger version. That bigger one being about double the size or so to add some scaling perspective. 21163 Minecraft The Redstone Battle Review

The Conclusion

The Redstone Battle LEGO Minecraft Dungeons set 21163 is a really great offering bringing two massive creatures and the whole main squad from the game. I think they nailed each aspect of what this spin-off game is about, but in the LEGO format. The big monstrosity is a menace to behold, and I’m not sure there’s something quite like this out there in the brick universe at this moment.

Its smaller pal is also just as terrifying, and I’m sure they’ll be fun additions to one’s little LEGO battles. You do get the core squad of characters from the game, each has unique weapon options. The loot chest pig was also fun to see and have included here. The backdrop could have been a bit more elaborate, but it gets the point across fine I suppose.

This is just really well done, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and scale here. You could see the terror of having these minifigs going up against the creature in a combative situation, it would be scary. I think they nailed taking the concept of what the game is, and placing those elements within a block based environment.

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21163 Minecraft The Redstone Battle Review
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner