Minecraft: Adventure Time Mash-Up Pack Review

"An Adventure!"


The Adventure Time Mash-Up Pack is probably the most impressive release they've done for Minecraft thus far as it truly captures the world and spirit of the show. It's actually remarkable the amount of detail present within this pack and the world itself is crazy.

The point of a Mash-Up pack is to completely alter Minecraft; you get new character skins, world textures, music, UI and an entire customized world. The world is particularly impressive here as it's actually shaped like the Land of Ooo with even the dolphin like detail. It's crazy and filled with basically every key kingdom or location visited during the show.

I'm not even that intense of a Adventure Time watcher and I knew most of the places at a glance. There are also interiors for the buildings, secret easter eggs and more to discover. Key locations include the Treehouse, Candy Kingdom with houses around it and the Fire Kingdom.

There are many more, but these ones were particularly massive in scale. The pack is also loaded with a vast set of skins for basically every character you could imagine along with well known musical themes from the show and colorful textures.
Minecraft: Adventure Time Mash-Up Pack

The Conclusion

I was very impressed by this pack as it not only captured the thrill of Adventure Time, but also brought an incredible world to explore. This is perfect for fans of the show that have always tried to create the wonders by themselves and now they can easily jump into it.

There are all the locations you could desire, as well as the many iconic skins for each of the characters. It's a wacky list of options to enjoy while playing and a must have for any fans. For regular Minecraft players I'm sure you'll enjoy the wide range of odd looking skins and bright textures which would be great for other projects.

Minecraft: Adventure Time Mash-Up Pack Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner