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Minecraft Autumn Mini Games Festival Review

The Minecraft Autumn Mini Games Festival is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Noxcrew this is a small selection of Autumn focused games that you can enjoy best as a group. Included are seven core games to play with a variety of unique styles. There are also some smaller activities to take part in and you can spend earned tickets on special themed items for the level. The first game is a Maize Maze which is a quick little cornfield that you work through to reach the end. This is followed by Boat Racing which has a nice starting line and a well developed course. There's also Rock Climbing that adds colorful markers to hit as you try to scale the side of a small mountain.

Another similar game is High Rope Course that takes place over Mini Golf providing varying difficulty levels for players to parkour across. Obviously Mini Golf is included as it was just mentioned and greatly expanded upon. Enjoy a full eighteen holes in what's just an awesome and lengthy course. Go Karting is another mode that provides a small track and some great cars to drive around in. The track was neat, but too easy to jump over portions of the track. It's an interesting design and hopefully they expand upon it for the next pack. The final game mode is a simple King of the Ladder where players fight over a climbing a ladder.
Minecraft Autumn Mini Games Festival Review

The Conclusion

This Autumn Mini Games Festival from Noxcrew is a solid addition to your selection of maps. While some aspects of the pack are simple, I really did love the theme as the colors and designs were excellent. The Mini Golf course was stellar and Go Karting has some great potential. I enjoyed the Boat Racing and the smaller activities to take part in across the area. This seasonal mini games pack is solid for those that want something to do with friends and it's got a lovely design to it all. Definitely an improvement over the summer games not only in aesthetics, but the game types present. I did however miss the great photo ops they had in the summer one.

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Rating Overall: 7.3

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