Minecraft Blitz Build Review

The Minecraft Blitz Build is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Pathway Studios this pack provides a memory type game where players can alone, or with up to five players battle it out. The game is presented in a fancy format as players select a time allotment based on their device and then hop onto a color. Each player will be given the same block item example and then have to recreate what they just saw. This includes things such as elephant statues or say a beach set.

There are a total of a 150 designs at launch so there's just a pile of possible things that can be created and no two games are the same. Players attempt to recreate these objects, slap a button for bonus points if they finish fast and then see the score tally. It bases your score on the performance and how exact you were with block placement, it's quite competitive and hilarious to play. There's a good selection of creative designs, options to tweak the matches and it's presented so smoothly.

Minecraft Blitz Build Review

The Conclusion

This Blitz Build from Pathway Studios is a great time, definitely fun to play and strangely competitive. It's got a nice selection of sets to build and there's a wide spread amount of variation within that. The concept of bringing a memory type game is great and I feel that the younger audience will particularly benefit from this map. It's all smoothly presented, looks clean and the scores are clearly visible while playing. It was also nice to see them include tweaks for how long build times are and suggestions based on devices. Its super easy to setup and a lot of fun to play. You can enjoy it by yourself, but it's ultimately better with a group of players.

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Review Done on Minecraft Windows 10
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Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner