Minecraft Cleopatra's Treasure Review

The Minecraft Cleopatra's Treasure is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Toya this pack provides a good hour or so length adventure of puzzles and creative challenges. This isn't a combative map instead focusing on other ways to provide players with situations where they need to use logic and creativity. It's based loosely on their "Desert of Secrets" map in general design, but ignores most of the level providing entirely new content and instead using it is as a backdrop which is great.

The story features voice acting and clear goals presented in an open choice, yet linear design. You're able to freely choose which area you'd like to tackle first with the end goal being the collection of special items. Every area has its own distinct quest and that is then followed with an extra puzzle which were fair in difficulty. The way you travel to areas was neat and that added extra depth to the experience. 17 free skins are included with this package themed after ancient Egypt.
Minecraft Cleopatra's Treasure Review

The Conclusion

This Cleopatra's Treasure from Toya is a great map, it presents a creative adventure to work through that strays away from direct combat. To be honest, I didn't even miss that battling aspect of the game when playing through this. I felt they could have expanded some of the missions a bit more, but this was generally well paced. I liked the feeling of choice in how I worked through this narrative, and further appreciated the linear direction.

It gave a feeling of a larger environment with how the world was shaped, but keeps things focused which was great for an enjoyable time. You're able to easily work through this alone, but it does also support multiple players fine for an easier time. This was a good map that didn't something different while providing fresh puzzle based situations the entire time.

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Review Done on Minecraft Windows 10
Review World Provided by Toya

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner