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Minecraft Dragon Hero Review

The Minecraft Dragon Hero is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by PixelHeads this pack provides an expansive and epic RPG adventure across a fantasy land. This is one seriously impressive world and possibly the best we've seen thus far. There's full voice acting for characters, many quests from a main line adventure to a number of side quests to take part in. Things start off simple and it works to teach you the basics while granting you a mount for travel right away which was great. You get to meet various groups from the small Dwarves, to the fast Elves and even battle the armies of Orcs. Move through multiple greatly detailed towns completing quests and then adventuring forward. We were really blown away by this one, not only with what you could do but how it was all presented.

It was also a bit darker theme wise which was awesome, yet still not to a degree that any age couldn't enjoy it. There are fun mystic spells to summon, dragons to hatch and an epic finale against a massive molten war zone. It's a very special experience and dive through fantasy, this is a splendid map. There are definitely a few hours of gameplay here depending on how you work through it since there are so many side quests present. Not only are the quests well done, they all work almost perfectly and the world is crafted beautifully around them. It's linear to a degree, but still open for how you can move through some areas. Expect some bosses, epic mini stories and one intense finale. I will mention that they should have been a tad more creative with the spawners and perhaps hiding them since they're in the open, it breaks the immersion.
Minecraft Dragon Hero Review

The Conclusion

This Dragon Hero from PixelHeads is an amazing map, the effort here is unreal and it creates an eleghant fantasy world to trek through. The dragons are a neat idea since you can ride the ferocious beasts though I did have some issues with them. They tend to get in the way and can be difficult to control. We also felt the voice acting could have been a bit more intense to match the characters. Small issues were found, though for the most part this is a near perfect map. As a Minecraft experience I was blown away that this is something that could exist within the game. They capture the fantasy elements perfectly while adding so many fun smaller details that I'll let you discover. A wonderful addition to any map collection for the game.

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Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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