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Minecraft Dropper of Horrors Review

The Minecraft Dropper of Horrors is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Noxcrew this pack provides a series of interesting little stories to drop to. I'm not sure there's a ton of replay value here, but it's an excellent play the first time through. Split into three separate stories players drop down some creative "dropper" spots while listening to a spoken narrative. Each story has multiple mini chapters shown in the design of small theaters.

You enter a theater to either listen to the audio by clicking a button or reading it in a book. From there you drop down the hole trying to hit the water at the bottom in order to unlock the next area. This is a really unique way to deliver a narrative and I thought it was quite cool. Some of the areas were fairly challenging, but nothing too impossible to complete. The stories were horror themed, but all light hearted so that it would be appropriate for any age. I actually enjoyed the stories a lot and the narration was well done on them. A rare mix indeed and it would be great to see something similar in the future.
Minecraft Dropper of Horrors Review

The Conclusion

This Dropper of Horrors from Noxcrew is an alright map, it's great for the first playthrough as you enjoy the stories and attempt to survive the intense falls. They did a great job on the aesthetics of the map with the whole theater setup being a very interesting way of delivering their tales. The drops were excellent as well offering lots of variation between them and multiple ways to get down if you're having issues. It's easy to enjoy alone or with others and the block challenges of free falling were fair in design. I can't imagine players having too many issues with them though some may take longer than others. The three stories were entertaining, well spoken and it was a very different sort of map which I appreciated. Worth checking out if you enjoy dropping mini games and want to just listen along calmly to some spooky Halloween type stories of horror.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

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