Minecraft Dungeons Tips & Tricks

May 29, 2020 at 2:55am
By Jason Stettner

At times Minecraft Dungeons can provide a good challenge, and hopefully some of these tips will assist with your ability to survive in the game. There are many unique situations, mobs to battle and of course smaller things to discover. There’s tons to loot, multiple playthroughs to venture through and various iconic biomes to explore.

It might be a daunting adventure for some of the more novice adventurers out there, and even one for the more hardcore dungeon crawlers as well. Hopefully these little bits of information will assist you in doing better, living longer and looting to the fullest!

The Minecraft Dungeons Tips & Tricks List
#1 You will constantly be getting loot, don’t be afraid to salvage whatever gear you have for additional emeralds. That in turn, will allow you to buy new gear or artifacts.

#2 Salvaging enchanted items will give you back the enchantment points that you’ve spent on that item. They can then be sure on another weapon or piece of equipment. You get a single enchantment point per time you level up.

#3 Rolling is a huge assist, use it sparingly when you’re about to be hit as it can help out a lot during boss battles.

#4 Arrow spamming works effectively for keeping large mob groups back, and for destroying any boss in the game quickly. Conserve arrows for key points, and hopefully have a bow/crossbow with a high fire rate.

#5 Every piece of equipment or weapon you have features special abilities, read what they are and use them to your advantage as some pieces might have really neat events to take advantage of.

#6 You can pull up the map of the level at any point. This will be helpful for guidance, and discovering hidden secrets. The game is largely linear, but this can be helpful for those trying to navigate when they’re lost.

#7 Coop brings in some neat abilities. At any point, you can teleport to your teammates using the Enderpearl. It does take a few seconds to win up however. There’s also some quick chat options to let everyone know what’s up while playing.

Minecraft Dungeons Tips
#8 You don’t necessarily have to fight all of the mobs, if you’re having troubles you might be able to sneak past them. The same goes for some of the mini bosses during the end game levels, save your arrows and lives by slipping by.

#9 There are hidden emerald chests to collect within your spawn, they each contain fifty emeralds.

#10 Passive mobs can be helpful, these are things such as cows or pigs. They can be killed and looted for food which helps replenish your health.

#11 It’s best to save your health potions until the last moment, but don’t be afraid to use the potions as it will replenish over time.

#12 Replaying levels will be the best way to get new gear, as will turning up the difficulty. Watch those power levels however as it can be a brutal challenge too.

#13 The TNT blocks you pick up can be stacked on top of each other, be careful of their blast radius too. It can be larger than you think, same with the Creepers you come across as well.

#14 Be sure to open any chest, or enter any house you come across. You’ll get valuable supplies, some loot and even some special secrets. This includes little tiny brown like pots, those will have emeralds in them.

There’s the list of various tips and tricks in the game, I hope you found this helpful as a resource. You can read our review of Minecraft Dungeosn below, or check out the general platform hub for additional coverage.

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