Minecraft Enderman's Forest Review

The Minecraft Enderman's Forest is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Polymaps this pack provides an almost pvp type package. In the game there are two options for how to play, either work as a group against the Enderman or have a member play as an Enderman against the group. It's actually really great and similar to Slenderman if you know of that game. The first option is where a number of players can work together. This has the group aiming to find these randomly assorted special blocks and then bring them back to base.

The Enderman attempts to take out the players, but it's mostly the assorted mobs that will be your doom there. It can be rather difficult and honestly some slight balancing might make it better. The second and best part of the map is the pvp option. One player gets randomly selected to battle the others and it's the same thing minus the mobs. It's a lot of fun to be attacked by friends and an exciting time since you never know what might happen. Within the game players are given only a short draw distance and its dark. The Enderman player can see regularly and this balances out well for some tense action.

Minecraft Enderman's Forest Review

The Conclusion

This Enderman's Forest from Polymaps is a great addition for anyone looking to have an exciting party type map. It can be rather tense, very competitive and yet cooperative as well if you choose the other option. The map is dense in design, not too large and it feels well balanced for the game type. It would have been nice to see some options available in regards to maps, but for the coin cost point this is just perfect. I really hope to see the creators work on another set of maps with just a slightly more refined version of the game type. It's a blast to play whether you're working as a group to grab the blocks or even better when dealing with one of your own as the Enderman. This is a highly suggested map if you have a group, it's also very cheap coin wise.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner