Minecraft: Fallout Mash-Up Pack Review

"Cluttered Wasteland"


The wasteland has now graced Minecraft with the Fallout Mash-Up Pack that aims to recreate the well known series within the game. This includes a custom map that takes part of each aspect of the Fallout universe and clusters them onto a single map section. There are many buildings though the definite highlights are Diamond City, The Capital area, Megaton and the Vaults.

You can of course come across many other smaller sections and this map definitely had a lot of time put into it as it's impressive. The locations also match the universe incredibly well and Fallout fans will instantly know the sights. You can also travel by the railway system that has once again been included in map that can take players all around the edges of it.

The pack also contains a fresh set of textures for all the blocks to help add the extra dismay of the wasteland and over 40 new skins. These skins vary and contain all of the core characters/followers one would find in the games. This includes the likes of Vault Boy/Girl; Piper, Cait, the Lone Wanderer and many more. They've also redone the UI to make it look more in-line with the Fallout games and also added some of the top music tracks from the various game's radio which was a nice touch.
Minecraft: Fallout Mash-Up Pack

The Conclusion

The Fallout Mash-Up pack did capture the world of the Fallout games very well presenting key buildings and locations for fans to visit. The look of the world is also great having a perfect apocalyptic style of a grey-like palette.

I certainly enjoyed the music selection and the skins covered everyone I would hope to have from Fallout. It's definitely a great pack for fans of the Fallout series though I'm not sure there'd be huge appeal from the casual Minecraft group. That aside this is definitely the best Mash-Up world they've done so far and feels like a complete package.

Minecraft: Fallout Mash-Up Pack Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner