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Minecraft Jurassic Depths Review

The Minecraft Jurassic Depths is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Everbloom Studios this map provides players with an expansive selection of puzzle based temples to move through and dinosaurs to play with. While it might be shown as being dinosaur focused, at the core this is very much a puzzle level. Things start off with a heavy narrative focused section that helps set up the layout for the world. You get an idea of what's happening, the magic behind changing times and why you're here. It was great, heavily cinematic and then that was completely thrown away. It was really strange and that might confuse some players looking to get into the action here. It's about fifteen to twenty minutes of solid story and then just puzzles afterwards.

For me, someone that likes narrative driven experiences I was confused. After learning the basics you get sent out into this large world to explore. There you can play with a wide selection of dinosaurs or just head over to the three temples. I was somewhat disappointed that these dinosaurs aren't more apparent in the regular story as they're incredibly detailed and the best looking creatures I've seen in Minecraft. Anyways, the three temples are full of puzzles and then you get an intense extra act to end all. Along the way are audio books to collect that tell a tale. The puzzles in the game ranged from interesting to entirely illogical. I was straight up having no idea what the developers wanted me to do at times and things needed to be more apparent.

The time mechanic was very interesting, but if you're in a room without any idea since the world blends so well there needs to be more of a highlight. I'll follow up with this by needing a better prompt for when a correct action is taken, remember that Minecraft is a game focused for the younger audience and if I'm having troubles they're going to have it worse. Still, the whole concept of changing time at any point to solve puzzles was amazing.
Minecraft Jurassic Depths Review

The Conclusion

This, Jurassic Depths from Everbloom Studios provided an interesting world and possibly a glimpse at what really neat maps we could be seeing in the future. I was amazed and confused by the map at the same time. The amount of care in crafting the world was clear to see and the dinosaurs were amazing. The best parts were when they showed up while you were puzzling solving. They just needed to make more of an effort to have these creatures woven into the story they're telling. Why not have a part where players can ride one to get to the next point or something like that. Just an example, but you should get my point.

There's this massive area and it felt like just a path to the next place despite being filled with an ecosystem. I can see some players having issues with the split of gameplay, it seems super narrative focused and cinematic, then it's just puzzles. Either more balance is needed there or perhaps pick one type of gameplay and push that in a map. The choice of single player only was interesting, that aspect works and I'd love to see their future projects as there was so much potential here. I did find some puzzles illogical and had issues with a number, it's a mixed bad for me on many aspects. I love the work they did here, yet it was frustrating at the same. There's definitely a quality amount of gameplay to this world either way you look at it.

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Rating Overall: 6.9

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