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Minecraft Kingdom Assault Review

The Minecraft Kingdom Assault is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Blockception this pack provides a decent selection for content. You can choose to either battle against ten or forty waves of mobs in a selection of difficulties. They range from easy to very hard offering a challenge for whatever skill level your group is prepared for. The world itself is decently well designed offering a medieval type look. It's condensed, yet open enough for you to move around with a couple other players. While battling the enemies you get small breaks of time between waves from which you're able to easily collect resources or purchase things.

These resources can be traded in at the few stations along the map in order to gain access to special items. This includes better weapons, armor or keys for buildings. These buildings offer even further access to items with better options and enhancements being found within each unlocked area. This concept of opening new areas was rather interesting. It would be great to see this turned into more of a pure zombies type level akin to what Call of Duty has. The gameplay is fine, it feels intense and for the most part the mobs get right on you. I did notice at times that certain mobs wouldn't trigger and you'd have to move around the level a bit. That aside, for groups it would have been nice to get a buy in or quicker respawns since players are out of the game for so long after death.
Minecraft Kingdom Assault Review

The Conclusion

This Kingdom Assault from Blockception is an alright map, it provides some intense action and a variety of mob waves to tackle. The world is very immersive featuring lots of depth in the backdrop and a dense play area. For the most part everything is well structured with enough options to make this horde survival game work well. The extra layers of purchasing better items was implemented in a great way and it had a simple, yet complex system for progression. I'd love to see that sort of purchase concept be expanded upon in other maps in the future. We definitely had a great time with Kingdom Assault as wave based survival is exciting and it works mostly well for a group.

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Rating Overall: 7.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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