Minecraft: Merry Bundle Review

"Christmas Time"


This bundle contains three unique festive additions for Minecraft with the Festive Battle Map, Festive Skin Pack and the Festive Mash-Up Pack. The Battle map is a new arena to battle in from the mini games lobby featuring a lovely and tight packed little Christmas town.

It's actually incredible not only in terms of detail and capturing that Christmas feeling, but also being a competitive space. There are great levels of verticality presented along with many hidden paths which come together for great combat. The Festive Skin pack adds 24 seasonal skins to the experience which is a decent set featuring a number of well known characters of the holiday.

The Mash-Up pack features a large festive town that sits below Santa's Workshop having a magical feeling to it with a tree that finishes off the piece nicely. It does however lack fillings for many of the buildings leaving them empty and there's not a ton to look at around the map. That aside you also get a special festive texture pack, more skins and fresh music to enhance your Minecraft world.

Minecraft: Festive Battle Map featured in the Festive Bundle

The Conclusion

This festive bundle is actually packed with great content to help carry a happy tune in the season. The Battle Map was fantastic being a great setting for combat and the skin pack while minor, did add some solid skins in.

I found the festive world in the mash-up to be a bit disappointing despite having some great buildings. It does however shine with its set of textures, skins and music that can enhance other maps. If you want to add a bit of Christmas spirit to your blocky world, then this is a great addition to your game.

Minecraft: Merry Bundle Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner