Minecraft My Gorilla Adventure Review

The Minecraft My Gorilla Adventure is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Toya this pack provides a decent length narrative driven quest. Taking place in a mystical type of Gorilla area you need to help your local guide assist the Gorillas. This is split into two main quests, one that's the longer of the two where you aim to reach the Gorilla sanctuary and another where you're trying to save a little one. It starts offer rather random as you move through a linear path learning the basics of the level which are that some items can be hit for craftable pieces.

It actually seems to really start off as something expansive, but that's not the case by the end of it. The areas you visit were large, yet not entirely focused and the instructions weren't too clear on what you were supposed to do most of the time. It acts like a linear adventure, but doesn't play out like one. What you were doing was alright, some puzzles were present though still it could have been longer. I liked what they did with puzzles, simple for any age yet complex for a minor challenge. This includes matching shapes to currency, mimicking Gorilla sounds and solving other minor puzzles which I won't spoil.

Minecraft My Gorilla Adventure Review

The Conclusion

This My Gorilla Adventure from Toya was alright, I saw more potential in here than what was executed. The world was a mix of either somewhat ugly and then beautiful designs. An odd contrast for sure, though for the most part a natural looking environment. The story was fine, it was nice to see voice acting and the presentation was alright. It should have been more exact on what you're doing at times and perhaps a tad lengthier. The Gorillas were cool despite not being too present and I liked the world they setup. I saw some great potential here, it just needs to be more focused and expanded upon. You'll get about forty-five minutes to an hour of game time here depending if you get lost or lose focus like my group did. It can easily be enjoyed by yourself or with a group, just note that the ending dungeon type area appears to be locked to a single individual.

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Rating Overall: 6.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner