Minecraft My Snowy Journey Review

The Minecraft My Snowy Journey is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Toya this pack provides a decent adventure across snowy hills. The general story is you've arrived for some mountain climbing and actually get to do just that which was neat. You move from base camp to base camp completing a couple puzzles along the way. Going back to the climbing aspect there's a fishing rod you use to actually climb large smooth snowy mountain surfaces. This was incredibly innovative so I'll give props for making that possible. I did however feel this could have been used more as it's only present a few times. The puzzles you solve were also rather simple and few in number. I did find the picture matching and tile sliding ones to be rather unique. I'll also give a mention to the creative aspect of where you can build a house for certain base camps and it'll get added in there which was appreciated. I'm sure a younger audience would spend some time getting creative there. There's a decent balance in what you do in My Snowy Journey though the adventure is somewhat short as most could finish within a half hour.
Minecraft My Snowy Journey Review

The Conclusion

This My Snowy Journey from Toya is an alright map, it brings some intuitive ideas though just not a lot of content. The world was vast in scale making you feel as though you were in snowy mountains, even with a large render distance. The puzzles were mostly very creative and I thought the whole fishing rod for climbing mechanic was genius. I did however feel some puzzles were too simple and that there should have been more to provide additional gameplay time. My real complaints here is that it felt light on content while bringing some truly fresh and creative ideas into the world. There's a decent balance available for gameplay and what's available, yet I was just hoping for more. Toya does continue to innovate with neat ideas, a detailed world and I just want to see more done with those concepts.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner