Minecraft RTX Best Store Worlds Preview

April 17, 2020 at 4:11am
By Jason Stettner

While we were given some freshly new free maps to check out from creators, I wanted to take things further and just try out a pile of already created Minecraft Store maps with RTX. This is a relatively easy process, and one that had some truly remarkable results. I’m going to highlight a number of the best ones, and how that changed the atmosphere within them.

I will note a video is available to visually see this in action as well. To start, there was the Halo Mash-Up pack. This provided a world that was filled with iconic scenes from the games. You got the open landscape of Blood Gulch, the starting segment of the first venture onto Halo and also Sandtrap. There were other smaller sections, but these ones stood out the most.

It felt like I was venturing onto the ring for the first time, and the sand looked absolutely stunning when I ventured onto the recreated multiplayer map. It’s quite amazing, and I think this was a good showcase for what these additions can do. It provides a varied selection of terrains from the thick forests for Guardian, to the snowy areas of Lockout.

The Skyrim Mash-Up pack was also impressive despite being smaller in scale. It’s very neat to see the recreated landscape of the game, especially with the added realism. The snowy peaks really shimmered, and the towns felt far more life-like.

The Frozen II adventure world was another impressive offering since it featured such dense and distinct areas. You have the initial housing brightened greatly, with the shimmering water surrounding it. From there you transition into a mixed valley of warm trees and light bouncing snow.

This is capped off with one incredible fall forest that sits on top of a flowing river. The river had lovely shadows and reflections as you went along it. I should also mention the intense snow caves; once dark and gloomy, the area comes alive with reflective ice.
Minecraft ray tracing butterfly kingdom
Lapis Lagoon is another impressive world, with its water based ride tour being a true highlight. A perfect balance of bright lights, darkened rooms and of course so many reflecting pools of water throughout. The Fallout Mash-Up pack was another favorite of mine. With a number of distinct structures from the various game entries it just really lights up. It makes it feel like a regular world in the wasteland, and gives such a wonderful extra layering of depth to the layout.

One of the most shocking worlds was the older Halloween Mash-Up pack. There was an insane glow to so many of the structures. It’s set against the night, with some rain. The central pumpkin popped. And the creepy large scale clown towered above a neon drenched purple ride. It just really emits in such a wonderful way, a pleasant surprise for sure.

One other rather impressive map was the Butterfly Kingdom. It’s basically an enchanting world featuring large pools of water, willow based trees and a large scale castle setup. The vast garden areas just lit up in such a gorgeous way whether it was night, or early in the morning with the sun creeping in.
Minecraft ray tracing fallout
A similar setup was with Juliette’s Manor which featured one of the most stunning looking interiors out of any of them. The way they did the floors with the dark rooms and bouncing lights, it’s insane. The ballroom there might be one of the biggest highlights out of it all.

Another strange, yet enjoyable one was the Rainbow Park. This is an area with rides, and vibrant colors. Needless to say, it just popped with a high level of vibrancy with the ray tracing applied. It was too much to handle at times actually, as there was just so much going on with it.

Finally, there was the Toy Story Mash-Up pack with a brightened world. It all looked so well done, but the amusement park area was a stand out during the night. The lights illuminated the scene and it really did come alive. In general I was truly impressed with what this could to really any existing map just by applying it.

I continue to be blown away by what this technology can do in such a simple way. It completely changes the world we know, and love. I’m sure the original creators will be blown away by seeing their creations adjusted in such a vast way. It’s like a complete upgrade over what came prior. For more coverage, see the various articles or hub below.

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